Why You Shouldn’t Use Cotton Swabs to Clean Your Ears?

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AURIS is an advanced ear cleaner camera that can help you clean your ears efficiently.

Do you clean your ears periodically on your own? What is your go-to method to clean your ears? Just like most people, we assume you also use cotton swabs (Q-tips) to clean your ears. It might be your daily routine, or you do it once or twice a week but bottom line we all have done it.

But the truth is that using cotton swabs to clean your ears can have more negative consequences rather than positive. Several injuries occur due to using cotton swabs. If you didn’t know this already, here’s a refresher course for you.

• Cotton swabs can jam the earwax inside the ear making it more compact and harder to remove over time.

• If you use a cotton swab, it will push the earwax in the ear putting pressure on the eardrum. This can cause the eardrum to break resulting in hearing issues.

• Cotton swabs can also push the earwax in areas where it can cause pain or temporary loss of hearing.

As you can see, cotton swabs can cause major hearing issues for your ear. So, next time when you pick up that cotton swab, think about what kind of harm it can do to your ear.

Now, you will ask us, if not cotton swabs, what should you use to clean your ear. Well, to be blunt, your ears are self-cleaning and will remove excess earwax on their own. However, if you still feel the need to clean your ears on your own, you must take the help of the latest technology. We are talking about ear cleaner cameras available on the market. One such ear cleaner camera you might want to check out is AURIS.

AURIS is amongst those ear cleaner cameras that are backed up with the latest technology. This high-tech otoscope has an HD camera that allows you to see inside the ear and remove the earwax efficiently. The otoscope has a soft spatula that will gently remove the earwax. With the HD camera, you can see the insides of your ear in real-time. Moreover, you can take pictures and videos of your ear to show to your doctor. AURIS is a multipurpose endoscope and can be used to observe mouth, nasal cavity, throat, and more. Check out the website now to know more.

About AURIS:

AURIS is an advanced ear cleaner camera that can help you clean your ears efficiently.

For more information, visit https://earcleanercamera.com/

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