The details of the Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis that players are looking forward to will be released on September

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SEGA announced this week that they will release more information about Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis at Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online. As early as July, the company announced a new expansion of the game, which is part of a never-ending series of announcements by the gaming company to replace E3 2020. However, in the meantime, they did not provide us with the details behind what was going on from their own website. SEGA plans to broadcast live during the event on September 25 to show more content, and hopes to have some kind of release window before 2021. If you want to Buy PSO2 Meseta find out, you can watch the live broadcast here at 5 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta establishment of Phantasy Star Online, game developers will aim for a higher height and reshape the story, game system, graphics engine and character creation system. PSO2 will be reborn in an open online RPG, and will have a new battle system and game system to match it! Even after the release of PSO2: NGS, you can continue to enjoy the original PSO2. Accounts that have been playing PSO2 will be able to switch between PSO2: NGS and PSO2. However, players need to know that the game system is very different, so we want to explain PSO2: What has changed in NGS.

The new graphics engine comes with an enhanced character model. In addition to the functions provided in the current character creation system, players can create more custom characters. You will now also have more detailed options, such as changing the gloss of the character's skin. Characters can now move their fingers too! In addition, you will be able to wear more accessories and change their position. Since PSO2: NGS’s character creation system is compatible with PSO2, players can freely decide which one to use.

Finally, a comprehensive inspection of the core graphics engine of PSO2 will be carried out so that you can use the characters created by PSO2 in PSO2: NGS system. Of course, all character creation information from PSO2, including items linked to emoticons and other previously registered data will be compatible with PSO2: NGS!

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