Resume That Helped Me Get Offers From Google, Buzzfeed, and Dozens of Companies

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In my final years of college, I decided not to be just another boomerang kid back home, unemployed and with no plans for post-graduation. I did an additional internship, participated in extracurricular activities to expand my network, and made connections at job fairs.

I also prepared, reviewed, rewrote and edited my resume. This resume took me to interviews with Google, BuzzFeed, Oscar and nearly two dozen other top startups and opened many doors and Cheap Resume Writing Services .

I also got interview offers for full-time jobs at a major political campaign, a giant government contractor, and a billion-dollar foundation.


Creating a resume can be daunting, but it's pretty simple - write down your education, work experience, and a few extra notes and save it in a text file. Of course, this is technically a resume. But as the months pass (years go by), after self-study, you will find a different approach to this living, breathing document. The approach I found was this:

Think of your resume as a blueprint for your dream job interview. What questions do you want to ask? How would you like to impress them? What would you like to emphasize and what would you not want to avoid? Suppose there is no other information about you besides this document. 

Aim for clarity. Too many words = clutter = confusing = rejection so make a clear and simple resume. Decide how you want to present yourself and aim for it.

Be concise. Everything should sit comfortably on one page, remember that even Elon Musk's resume is one page.

Emphasize results first, skills second. For example, one of my favourites: "Show your achievements in this area instead of Facebook and Twitter accounts. Like increasing the number of visits to your Facebook page by 40% and Twitter followers by 60%.

Add a project section. If you've made a big impact outside of work, whether it's for a class or on your personal blog, be sure to share it. For a marketing class in college, I recommended branding changes to the nonprofits they've implemented and used today - it was a big problem and I solved it! And this project has opened many doors for me and Buy Essay Online Cheap.

Direct them to other sources of information about you. You can't fit everything about you on one piece of paper. If they want to learn more, make it easy! In the past, I've added links to online writing portfolios, a personal website, our Github page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, Instagram account, and photography blog. Make sure it works for your space and share it too.

Get rid of your earliest work experiences. If you have at least more than three places of employment, consider eliminating one or two of the oldest. I've worked in nearly twice as many places as the jobs I've listed on my resume, but it's been on my resume to highlight the ones I've most embraced. Even if you don't have a very professional experience, you may want to consider excluding the less impressive points. Remember that this is a baseline for your dream interview. 

Add something weird to your resume. My brother has an open master's degree in Chairs and Seating. This grade, which falls under the Education section, shows creativity and discipline, making it a more memorable candidate. You can post a YouTube channel about cooking or win surfing competitions. Consider adding an interesting "extra" point that shows positive traits such as entrepreneurship, imagination, or the ability to grow under pressure, even if it's not specifically related to your business.

Customize your resume separately for each position and employer. This is very important to show your experience and emphasize your adaptability to the job.

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