Which are the Best Rated CBSE Schools in Pune for Students?

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Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra and has a lot of job and business opportunities for people. That is why a major chunk of the population in this city are expats along with their families. 

To ensure that their children get better educational opportunities, all these families look for CBSE Schools. CBSE is a national board recognized internationally, providing a competitive curriculum to help children be confident enough to face the global competition. 

Even though choosing the best CBSE School in Pune is challenging, having detailed information can help the decision-making easier. Moreover, when you know the best options, you can refine your research and explore only those options, to eventually choose one from them. That is why; we are lending the list of top-rated international schools in Pune that are best in every way. 

Top-rated CBSE Schools in Pune

Global Indian International School

GIIS has branches in almost every big city of the country, with thousands of students getting the premier quality education. It is the best CBSE School in Pune, owing to the premium infrastructure and excellent educational standards. They keep a balance between studies and co-curricular activities, aiming for the holistic growth of every student.

Vidyashilp Public School

Vidyashilp has worked hard to come amongst the best international schools in Pune with its structured curriculum and focus on skill development. The profoundly talented faculty help bring out the best from the students on the academic front. Additionally, ample facilities for sports and other fields of art let the students hone their skills. 

Pune International School

It is amongst the best CBSE schools in Pune that pledge to provide a nourishing, positive and uplifting environment to every student. They set high standards in quality education, and at the same time, let the students explore all the co-curricular fields of their interest. Their academic records and achievements in sports speak volumes about their excellence and make them stand amongst the best international schools in Pune.

Air Force School

The use of innovation and state-of-the-art methodologies in teaching makes Air Force School one of the best CBSE schools in Pune. Their focus is on building inspiring and empowering individuals who are intelligent and morally sound. Moreover, you will find well-equipped computer labs, a library, and other facilities that contribute a lot to the development of every student. 

The Orchid School

The Orchid school provides a nourishing environment and a conducive curriculum framework for the overall development of every student. The best part is that the students can plan their program based on their aptitude and the skills they want to explore. There are plethoras of opportunities in sports and other fields of art, giving the necessary exposure to the students. 

There are various other options available that you can explore. But choosing one out of the names listed above will land you on a decision quickly. You can plan a visit to the school that you find will fit into your requirements and choose after checking the details by yourself. Be vigilant as the entire future of a child depends upon this one decision.