Why You Should Always Outsource Customer Care Along with Email Support?

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Email support is a vital part of a company’s customer support platform. It is a text-based support channel that is more relaxed and laid back. When it comes to call center services, most companies give preference to voice-based communication.

Does your organization receive thousands of emails from customers that go unnoticed and unanswered? Well then, outsourcing your email support function can help you minimize the abandon ratio to a major extent and in responding to those email queries received from customers with a quick turnaround time. When you outsource email support services, you can not only save time but also concentrate more on your organization's core competencies.

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Customer support is a vital part of a company’s overall operations. For the past few years, it has increased in importance considerably. So much so, that a company’s customer care has become a benchmark for its overall quality in the eyes of customers. Many customers simply do not make a purchase because they find a company’s customer care department lacking. Hence, it is vital that you upgrade you in-house call center or better outsource customer care to a quality vendor.


Back Up Customer Care with Email Support

If you are ready to outsource customer care, then it won’t be a bad idea to outsource email support services as well. Both phone support and email support have become necessary for customers, however the later is often undermined. With the right type of partner that has expertise in both, you can provide superior support to your customers and transform them into long-term patrons.


Below are some ways an email support department help you deliver better customer service:

When customer has an elaborate or highly technical issue

If the issue is too long and too complex, even the best orators and listeners might not be able to put their thoughts across properly. In such a case, an email provides ample room for expression and allows customers to explain their side.

During RMAs and complaints regarding product/service

When it is a high-stake problem like RMA, refund or complaint; the phone medium is not the best. The arguments may get heated and differences may arise between a company and its customers. Emails, on the other hand, are not as provoking and enraging as words coming out of one’s mouth. High-stake issues can be easily handled in a polite manner, if you have thoughtful email support agents.

When customer issue has the potential to turn into a legal disaster

There are complex issues where you have to put forward information about rules and policies of your company. Such information is hard to understand, and customers might feel cheated if they do not completely understand a policy or rule. This can lead to legal troubles. In contrast, emails provide a better option to convey such sensitive information without any confusion.

For receiving attachments in the form of photos and videos

Another advantage of email support is that you are able to receive photos and videos as attachments from your customers. These attachments can be vital in situations where you need a proof of purchase or an example of the problem a customer is facing.

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