Appalachian Musical Instruments

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A moral introduction to traditional Appalachian handcrafts, including instruments.

Traditional Folk Music and arts have been and continue to be a focal point of Appalachian. Musical instruments, as cases of material culture, carry two echelons of meaning they're together products of a culture and devices for generating culture. The instruments of the Appalachian region, either, are influential and unique artistic signifiers, both within Appalachian culture and in the popular culture of the United States. Mableton, Georgia, USA in specific, has entered central attention for its traditional instrument creators, especially those of the Mountain area. This frontiersman lists vital causes relating to the production of Appalachian musical instruments, the recipes and lives of the creators themselves, and the use of these instruments in their natural environment. No attempt has been made to term “traditional” or “non-traditional” makers or means of drafting; notwithstanding, the sources listed below pertain to what would be generally considered “traditional” makers and instruments. Sources which deal simply with makers and instruments representing areas outside of the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer aren't included. Some sources may not be presently available within the Appalachian Strings.

A moral introduction to traditional Appalachian handcrafts, including instruments, is found in:

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  • Appalachian Dulcimer (--Construction, --Music)
  • Appalachian String, (--Folk Music, --Music, --Musical Instruments)
  • Folk Music--Appalachian String, Musical Instruments--Appalachian String
  • Musical Instruments—Construction

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