Hex Head Bolts Manufacturers Introduces The Requirements For The Use Of Hexagonal Screws

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Hex Head Bolts Manufacturers introduces that the hexagonal screw can be turned 60 degrees to restore the graphics.


Hex Head Bolts Manufacturers introduces that the hexagonal screw can be turned 60 degrees to restore the graphics. If the space is relatively small, the screw can be installed as long as the wrench can be turned 60 degrees. This is a product of compromise between the twisting angle and the side length. If it is a square, the side length is long enough, but it needs to be twisted 90 degrees to restore the graphics, which is not suitable for small space installation;

If it is an octagonal or decagonal shape, the angle of the figure reduction is small, but the side length of the force is also small, and it is easy to round; if it is an singular side length screw, then the two sides of the wrench are not parallel, very In the early days, there were only fork-shaped wrenches. The wrench heads with singular side lengths were trumpet-shaped openings, which seemed unsuitable for exerting force. In addition, the head and handle of the wrench have an angle. If the space is smaller, turn the wrench upside down and use it. It seems that there is only about 40 degrees of space for screwing. However, there are socket wrenches, box wrenches, etc., which can have a minimum screwing angle of 15 degrees.

In fact, non-hexagonal screws and nuts are also available. The nut that is used on the inside of the component to stop by the component itself will be made into a quadrilateral shape, so that it is convenient to use the most common right-angled edge of the component to fix itself. Although the latter is square, it should actually be used with special tools. Tools like some sleeves do not require a small stroke space, but require a large area of ​​force, so that it is not easy to slip. In this way, the quadrilateral will be more The hexagon is easy to use and not easy to slip. After further alienation, there will be a gear shape in this picture. In order to prevent misoperation or theft, there will be more weird bolts. For example, this kind of triangular bolt can only be opened with a specific tool like a lock. Generally, a wrench can be screwed in a square, but a triangular one cannot be screwed, which is inconvenient. Is its selling point.