Enjoy Delicious Afghan Food at a Filipino restaurant in Dubai

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Afghan Food at a Filipino restaurant in Dubai

Dubai is the hub where there are so many activities. Dubai has something for everyone, from clubs to shopping centers to restaurants serving a variety of cuisines to parks and much more. There are so many activities one can enjoy and there’s so much to eat. Dubai is renowned for the ample restaurants that it offers to its citizens as well as the hundreds of tourists that visit every year. Many visit to eat at the renowned restaurants Dubai has to offer. In addition, Dubai is eminent for the delicious Afghan delicacies that it provides at its restaurants. 

Some of the most famous restaurants in Dubai that serve delightful Afghani food are: 

  • NayaabHaandi by Sindh Shahbaz is an authentic restaurant that is famous for its mouth-watering food items that are not to be found anywhere else. It is famous for its variety of barbecue that comes with up to 10 different items. They also organize events like corporate functions, social events, and wedding events. 
  • Barbecue Delights – JBR is another 4.8 rated restaurant that offers Indian, Pakistani, and Afghani cuisine. They are famous for their style of cooking, which is charcoal-based with top-quality ingredients. It is famousfor its Afghani Tikka and mutton ribs. 
  • Al Kabab Al-Afghani – Deira has delicious Afghani-flavored rice that is full of dried fruits and juicy kebabs.

Many Filipino restaurants in Dubai serve appetizing food like:

  • Jollibee is a global franchise that is famous for its affordable prices and staple food. This is one of the best Filipino restaurants in Dubai.
  • Silog expresses the one-stop destination when you're craving tapsilog, pancit, and many other types of Filipino cuisines. 
  • Tapa King is famous for its various types of tapa dishes, basically, the different types of beef. 
  • Manila Grill is known for its live performances and beautiful ambiance, adding to the amazing food on offer. 
  • MangInasal is the place to go for when you're cravinggrilled chicken or wish to have lots of rice from the unlimited rice offer on each meal. 
  • Max’s is a franchise that originated in the Philippines. Its signature dishes are friend chicken and gravy sauce. This place is loved by everyone. 
  • La Mesa Restaurant Cade, Asiana Hotel, is the best place to find seafood boodle and budget buffets. 
  • Hotel Palayok is located in Wasl Hub. Many people go here to have private gatherings with friends and family. 
  • Dampa is known for its Filipino seafood that is cooked with lots of love, rice, lobsters, crabs, and shrimp. 

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