4 Different Ways To Get A Perfect Sized Tie

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Let’s talk about all the four different ways that they are responsible for evaluating a perfect-sized tie.

You may usually hear what size of the tie is perfect to style? The straightforward answer to this question is that your body size determines the size of the tie that you should style on.

However, the market has a wide selection of ties to choose from. In a way, it escalates the style and fashion, but from a different perspective, it creates complexities and confusion in choosing the right one. Online stores like Ties.com are the reliable ones to shop for ties at the best cists.

When it’s about choosing the right tie for you, you can follow the C-L-U-B strategy to solve all your problems in choosing a right-sized tie. C-L-U-B means Collar, Lapel, Use, and Body Type. These four factors evaluate the right size of the tie. Don’t be only thoughtful, be practical, and choose a perfect sized tie that stands on this perception.

Let’s talk about all the four different ways that they are responsible for evaluating a perfect-sized tie.

  • Collar- The shirt’s collar is an important factor.

Make a knot of the tie as per your shirt’s collar. If you are wearing a spread collar or semi-spread collar shirt, make big knots like Full Windsor. At the same time, you can use skinny and narrow-ended ties on point collars and bottom down shirts. Four-in-hand ties can also go best with these kinds of collar types. However, big knots require more tie length.

  • Lapel- Wearing a toe with a jacket? Think about Lapel’s width

The Lapel of your jacket also determines the size of the suit. If your jacket has a narrow lapel, your tie should also be narrow at the end. To make a perfect match, you should look at your wardrobe and make a perfect pair of your jacket and tie. However, you can use skinny ties on European cut shirts. Plus, you can find the perfect size of the tie at Ties.com.

  • Use- In which functions will you wear a tie?

The size of the tie also depends on the function you are going for. There can be many events such as marriage, parties, office meetings, nights out, work, and more in which you require different sizes of ties. Thus, it’s significant to choose a tie as per the event.

If you are going to attend a marriage party or night out, skinny ties are the best to wear. On the other hand, it’s imperative to choose big knotted and professional ties for office meetings. 

  • Body- Does the tie match with your body type?

Many people neglect this factor while choosing the right size of the tie. But, it’s the crucial factor that you should pay more attention to while wearing a tie. If you are a healthy being (fatty body), choose a big knotted tie. However, skinny ties are the ideal one that fits every personality.

Final Words

Choosing the right sized tie is essential to make a unique style statement. If you want to make your look more impressive, you can buy perfect-sized and qualitative ties on Ties.com.