Modular Houses Conform To Building Development Trends

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It is understood that modular houses rely on technological advantages to create innovative, environmentally friendly and safe core competitiveness in the industry.

Today, the country vigorously promotes "housing industrialization" and the development of "energy-saving and land-saving housing", introducing advanced low-carbon energy-saving housing production technology from developed countries, and Economical Prefab House have emerged. Compared with traditional building technologies, modular houses can achieve building energy savings of more than 47% and reduce carbon emissions by more than 51%. In the context of global low-carbon economy initiatives, low-carbon energy saving will become a "new engine" for the development of the real estate industry. Modular houses adopt advanced development concepts, scientific planning layout, and first-class construction standards, and are committed to becoming a new type of residence that integrates ecological energy conservation, low carbon environmental protection, and technology intelligence.

It is understood that modular houses rely on technological advantages to create innovative, environmentally friendly and safe core competitiveness in the industry. Modular houses have made breakthroughs through technological upgrades, making the products substantially different from existing temporary houses. It solves the problems of the traditional temporary building without heat insulation, no heat insulation, short service life and poor safety, which is prone to fire. Not only greatly improves the comfort and safety of use, compared to the service life of traditional temporary houses of about 5 years, modular houses can guarantee more than 20 years of long-term durability, which not only ensures the user's high-quality user experience, but also reduces construction waste The environmental protection performance has been upgraded, and it conforms to the current domestic policy trend of energy conservation and emission reduction in buildings.

Housing industrialization has been advocated in China for several years, but the progress is very slow. Although there are currently many housing companies in China, they have not been able to play a significant role in promoting the domestic housing industry due to their technical capabilities. Therefore, through modular production and integrated housing solutions, the goal that people in the country have been looking forward to for many years can be realized as soon as possible.

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