11 Top Rated Neurologists in India

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best neurologist doctor in India

India is home to numerous skilled doctors across various specialties, making it hard to choose the best one. However, if you need to get yourself or a loved one treated for a neurological condition, you would certainly want to find the top neurologist. Experienced neurologists can handle complex conditions efficiently, with a great success rate. For individuals seeking the best neurologist doctor in India, here are eleven of the top-rated ones:


  • Dr. Atma Ram Bansal


With over 11 years of experience, Dr. Atma Ram Bansal is a senior consultant in the neurology department at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket, New Delhi. Apart from being the chief member of the Haryana State Medical Council and Indian Academy of Neurology, he earned recognition due to his various international publications. His specialties include special workup for epilepsy, ECG monitoring, and electroencephalography. 


  • Dr. Anand Kumar Saxena


Dr. Anand Kumar Saxena, the head of the Department of Neurology at Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital, carries experience of over 29 years. Being a well-known member of the Stroke Association of India, he is undoubtedly one of the top neurologists in the country. His fields of specialization include pediatric neurology, spinal cord disorders, Cerebro Vascular Diseases, and epilepsy. 


  • Dr. Mukul Verma


A Senior Consultant at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Dr. Mukul Verma has been practicing for more than 27 years. His experience, skills, and recognition have helped him receive invitations as judge, chairperson, or guest speaker at several national and international conferences. He specializes in treating movement disorders and has undergone training for it in the US. 


  • Dr. Puneet Agarwal


Having earned numerous accreditations and 22 years of experience, Dr. Puneet Agarwal is a highly skilled neurologist. The awards and accreditations that he has won to date include the best platform paper presentation in Neurocon 2004 and Indian Academy of Neurology Conference 2002 and the best Neurologist in Delhi by Google reviewers. Specializing in treating epilepsy, sonothrombolysis, and headaches, he has also earned a reputation for bursting clots effectively in patients suffering from acute stroke. 


  • Dr. Dinesh Nayak


Practicing for more than 33 years, Dr. Dinesh Nayak is currently the HOD and the director at Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai. His specializations include deep brain stimulation, skull base surgeries, brain tumor surgery, Canalith repositioning, etc. He won several medals and accreditations, such as Dr. SM Munirathinam Chetty Medal, Best Paper Award at Indian Epilepsy Association, and the Best Paper Award at the National Annual Conference. 


  • Dr. Shirish Hastak


One of the top neurologists in the country, Dr. Shirish Hastak, has gathered experience of more than 40 years in neurology. Apart from being the director of the Neurology Department at Wockhardt Hospital, he is also a leading member of the Maharashtra Medical Council. His fields of specialization include treating Neurological dysfunction and Neuromuscular Disorders, Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Artificial Cervical disc replacement, and more. 


  • Dr. Bipin Walia


Dr. Bipin Walia holds extensive experience in performing disc replacement surgery and motion-preserving surgery. Highly trained and accredited, he currently remains associated with Max Healthcare. In addition, he has been present at numerous national and international workshops for specialized training. 


  • Dr. Ashok Kumar Singhal


With 18 years of experience in neurology, Dr. Ashok Kumar Singhal currently works at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore as a senior consultant. In 2005, he won the DrAnisya Vasant Memorial Award, which recognized him as the best neurologist in India. He specializes in treating spinal disorders, stroke, neuropathy, epilepsy, and neck pain. 


  • Dr. Praveen Gupta


Dr. Praveen Gupta specializes in stroke rehabilitation, stroke intervention, DBS surgery, and epilepsy surgery. He emerges as one of the top neurologists in the country every year, with 13 years of experience. He also started the first stroke center in Gurgaon, which was also the first one that used solitaire for mechanical thrombolysis in the country. 


  • Dr. Rajiv Anand


A senior consultant and the director at BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Dr. Rajiv Anand, has been working in this field for over four decades. He has earned a good reputation in successfully treating nerve and muscle disorders, stroke, dementia, etc. 


  • Dr. Dinesh Sareen


Dr. Dinesh Sareen has been working as a neuro-specialist for more than 23 years. He himself trained many health professionals and started the labs of Diagnostic Centre in North Delhi. Among his specializations, Neuro Electrophysiology deserves a special mention. 

Once you find the best neurologist doctor in India for the relevant medical condition, book an appointment soon. Delays may prove to be quite detrimental in the case of neurological disorders.