DIY Upholstery Cleaning

Is your sofa or sofa bed in the living room looking dirty and worn? Can't afford to buy new furniture because you don't have the budget?

Is your sofa or sofa bed in the living room looking dirty and worn? Can't afford to buy new furniture because you don't have the budget? Why not try cleaning the sofa yourself or hire a professional cleaner? Hiring professionals is much cheaper than you think. Even upholstery cleaning can make you smile - when you see the results of regular upholstery cleaning.

Here are some tips for cleaning upholstery yourself:

1. Absorb the stain immediately.

Try not to give stains a chance to set in. If something is spilled, you must act quickly. Wipe up the liquid with a dry, white, permeable cloth or white paper towels. Do not rub or touch, as you may damage the texture. Start on the outside of the stain and work toward the center so the stain does not spread. Dab the stain until it is completely wet. Pick up semi-liquid substances, such as spilled food, with newspaper.

2. Vacuum furniture.

Use all the attachments provided with the vacuum cleaner to clean upholstery. This will remove all dust particles, pet hair, and other impurities that can further soil your furniture.

3. Identify the different types of stains.

Food residue, wine stains, dirt, children's or pet urine, coffee stains, and other types of stains can be cleaned well with steam. Stubborn stains may require more than one cleaning. To remove oil-based or other hard-to-remove stains, a chemical-based cleaning agent should be used.

4. Read the labels on upholstered furniture.

Before using an upholstery cleaner, check the fabric for labels or care instructions. They will tell you which cleaning chemicals to use and how to apply them. If there is no label on the upholstery, search the internet for the manufacturer's instructions. To check for damage and colorfastness, you can test a small hidden area of the fabric with a chemical cleaner.

5. Rent a steam cleaner

Which is better - buying or renting? If you don't plan to use your steam cleaner more than twice a year, it's best to rent. Look for a steam cleaner with wheels that is easy to move. It should be light enough to climb stairs. Look for attachments that allow you to easily clean hard-to-reach areas. Buying steam cleaners is not a good idea. Using a professional sofa cleaner that offers upholstery cleaning will save you the trouble of cleaning your home.

Upholstery cleaning costs:

If you decide to do the upholstery cleaning yourself, it will not only be expensive but will not give a good result. However, a professional upholstery cleaner will charge a reasonable price and provide an unbeatable service.