What is the Best Body Moisturizer?

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Body Wash - I would suggest purchasing a daily moisturizing lotion that contains salicylic acid and Capuacu butter. These ingredients are excellent at softening up your skin and soothing your dry skin. They help heal blemishes, reduce inflammation, and prevent new acne breakouts from formi

What is the Best Body Moisturizer? This is one question many people suffering from acne have asked themselves over again. The answer to this question will vary based on the person. What may work for one person may not work for you. The best body moisturizer for you may not even be an effective skin treatment at all. Your body needs to absorb the nutrients and use the moisturizers to heal, prevent and manage acne breakout.

Night Cream - If you find a daily moisturizer that works well for your dry skin but you want something that works even better when you are out in the heat, the night creams are the best body moisturizer. If you purchase one with Shea butter, double the amount of butter in your cream. Also be sure to buy the night cream that has an SPF of at least fifteen. A nighttime cream with this much protection will protect your face, neck and body throughout the night to limit breakouts and limit bacteria growth.

Anti Aging Skin

Anti Aging Skin Care Products - Natural anti aging skin care products are the best body moisturizer for your mature skin. The best anti aging skin care products have no chemicals at all and the best part is they are not greasy because organic components promote natural moisture production. The best anti aging skin care creams do not use mineral oils because these compounds clog the pores and cause premature aging. They are also not derived of petroleum which is another contributor to premature aging.

Natural Sun Protection - The sun can cause serious damage to your skin and the best body lotion and self-tanning body moisturizer have a sunscreen or at least some protection from the sun. This will help your wrinkles and stretch marks to fade faster. Some sunscreens have many other antioxidants that help limit free radicals in the body and slow down aging. Other sunscreens have a jogging effect on your wrinkles and a thick protective layer on your skin that makes it feel silky soft.

Collagen Moisturizers - There are many products on the market that claim to contain collagen but when you use these types of products, collagen gets washed off the product into your pores. Collagen has a molecular density higher than normal and as it moves through the skin it takes up room with every molecule it absorbs. A better solution would be a collagen moisturizer with an antioxidant that binds with the collagen so it does not move out and leave behind those ugly lines and wrinkles. Antioxidants also prevent the formation of wrinkles by slowing the process of collagen degradation.

Protection From Sun Damage

Rich Creams and Sensitive Ingredients - Moisturizing products with rich creams and emollients should never include alcohol or parabens. These ingredients dry out the skin and should be avoided if possible. Alcohols are drying and cause the skin to produce more oil to compensate for the moisture loss. Parabens are also drying and cause more inflammation in the body. Both of these should be avoided when applying moisturizers to your face or body. If you feel there is an alcohol or paraben fragrance, find another brand of body moisturizer.

Sunscreen and Waterproof - When choosing a body moisturizer, make sure it offers the right protection from sun damage, water damage and uv rays. Most moisturizers contain sunscreen but they can have a drying effect on the skin. Remember that any cream that leaves your skin tight, shiny and red will actually increase the risk of sunburn or other serious damage to the skin. Another good option is to find a moisturizer that is waterproof as well as waterproof. A good moisturizer will stay in place all day long no matter what the weather outside.