"Dragon Ball" How many Saiyans are called the fighting nation?

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"Dragon Ball" How many Saiyans are called the fighting nation?

Dragon Ball Saiyans are a very special race. They are called fighting people in the plot. They like fighting very much, and they are more and more courageous. After King Vegeta devoted himself to Frieza, all of them played for Frieza and helped him fight the planet. When everyone was making contributions, he never thought that Frieza’s true purpose was actually to destroy them all after using it, because he was most worried. The birth of the Super Saiyan.

In the chapter of Badak, we learned that the first Badak to transform into a Saiyan was because Frieza wanted to immortalize the Saiyan in order to prevent future troubles. Therefore, Badak was transformed because of his anger. Become a super Saiyan who surpasses the Saiyan. Since then, every Saiyan has been transformed because of anger. This may be the proud personality that every Saiyan has in his bones. The Saiyan prince Vegeta has repeatedly eaten because of his proud personality. A big loss, this is also a common problem for all Saiyans. Sun Wukong was not spared either. In the first battle for Namek, he was better than Frieza after he transformed into a super game. He could completely kill him. However, given Frieza many opportunities to show off his strength, Namek also failed. Will be destroyed.

In the cyborg section, Monkey King was very sensible since he was a child, and he didn’t look like a proud child at all, but when he was playing against the cyborg Sharu, he relied on himself to transform into a super-two state, and didn’t put Sharu in his eyes at all. This gave Sharu a chance to blew himself up, otherwise Wukong wouldn't have to die. Dragon Ball Trainers UK Sharu will not be as powerful as Gohan in Super Two Form.