Advantages of Battery Operated Agricultural Sprayer

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We are usually asked by farmers what are the benefits of battery operated agricultural sprayers over manual knapsack sprayers.

We are usually asked by farmers what are the benefits of battery operated agricultural sprayers over manual knapsack sprayers.

Here are the top 5 benefits:-

Lower Cost: Battery Sprayers are very simple to use and have fewer parts such as motors etc which are extensively very easy to use. Usually the pump and motor are a single dynamic unit that creates pressure when the trigger is pressed. This also saves labor costs.

Time-Saving: 2in1 Dual Battery Sprayers are time-saving, as they are able to create pressure and discharge around 2-4 Litres per minute depending on motor and nozzle configuration without using the conventional method of manual Knapsack Sprayer.

Cost Saving: Although the initial cost of the Battery Sprayer is higher than a manual Knapsack Sprayer they tend to save money and time in the longer term. Farmer is able to save time by spraying fast.

Pressure Controller: Battery Sprayers include a regulator/speed controller which allows farmers to regulate the discharging liquid from the nozzle. If a medicine needs to be sprayed less, then it can reduce or increase the pressure as required.

Not Heavy: Before motorized sprayers like Mist Blower or Power Sprayers used to be heavy around 10-12 kgs now with these sprayers it's quite light and space-saving.

The battery sprayers make use of technology to provide relief to farmers. The sprayer is provided with a rechargeable battery instead of the conventional handle-lever system. The sprayer requires minimum effort and generates high pressure. The electric sprayer works with individual or triple nozzles

With the constantly increasing crop production, the need for pest protection and crop nutrition have become necessary aspects of farm management. Therefore, agriculture spray is a suitable and cost-effective way to manage both of these critical aspects. Agriculture sprayer is one of the important agriculture equipment. The Agricultural Sprayers Market is significantly growing across the globe. Mostly pressure sprayer is used to apply liquid pesticides. Pressure sprayer comes in two types includes low-pressure sprayer and high-pressure sprayer. The low-pressure sprayer is used to spray pesticides on the crop whereas the high-pressure sprayer is used to spray pesticides into the soil as well.

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