VOD Business: How to create video on demand website

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Start a video-on-demand (VOD) business is a tool for delivering pre-recorded, streamed video content to your viewers. Viewers can select a video from your online content catalogue by using a website, mobile app, or connected TV.

CONTUS VPlayed assists creators and entrepreneurs in developing video-on-demand businesses. We help you brand, package, and sell your videos from a single, simple dashboard, giving you complete control.

We do everything we can to make running a video business as simple as possible, from branding and marketing to subscription models and content management. That's fantastic, but...

How to Make a Video-on-Demand Website in 6 Easy Steps

Let's talk about how to build a video on demand website for your company or organization with the help of a video on demand platform.

  • Plan and Strategize
  • Produce Your Content
  • Develop Your Website
  • Upload Your Content
  • Embed Your Video Player
  • Promote Your VOD Website

Now let's come to the question of How To Start A Video On Demand Business

For modern businesses, video streaming is a powerful tool. At the same time, determining how and where to begin can be daunting. That's why we've covered some of the essential features of a video on demand platform, as well as how to use those tools to create your own VOD website.


The Importance of Having Their Own VOD Platform, all of a company's original video content can be distributed by their VOD platform. A video-on-demand entertainment platform can assist a company in connecting with its target audience and understanding their needs.

It is much easier for an entertainment company to share content via a VOD platform than it is via cable TV. Cable TVs also require the installation of a physical cable connection at the endpoints. You can easily expand your VOD business on a global scale.