Solar System Maintenance

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Solar panels are those devices which are used to absorb the sun's rays and convert them into electricity or heat. Description: A solar panel is actually a collection of solar (or photovoltaic) cells, which can be used to generate electricity through photovoltaic effect.

System Maintenance

Maintenance  (Maintenance) Photovoltaic Modules  in Pakistan This is to maintain the PVs system in order to produce electricity for as long as possible. Compared with the maintenance cost of the power generation system that is used in other homes such as diesel generators, it is considered that the maintenance costs Solar system This is much cheaper. The main equipment of the PVs system is generally inspected and maintained, including

Maintenance of Solar Panels

  • Maintenance of inverters and various control systems (Inverter and Controller)
  • Maintenance of wiring and connections (Wiring and Connections)
  • Battery maintenance (Battery, The system with Battery Back-up)

Maintenance of Solar Panels

As mentioned above, solar panels are the key to generating electricity. Therefore, users should have to inspect and maintain solar panels as follows:

  • Clean the dirt and dust on the solar panel by rinsing with clean water and wiping off the dirt. Sometimes the stains are rubber or bird droppings, use cold water to wash and scrub with a sponge. Precautions for cleaning solar panels are Do not use a brush with metal bristles to clean the surface of the solar panel. In addition, detergents should not be used for cleaning as such devices and cleaners can scratch the surface of the solar panel.
  •  Check to see if the condition of the solar panel is still intact, such as cracks, cracks, scratches on the surface, water leaks inside the solar panel surface, and the color of the panel has changed. Etc. to make a note and observe any abnormalities if performance deteriorates. There may be maintenance or replacement of the solar panel with such problems.
  • Always check that the devices connected to the solar panel are in good working condition. If there is an error, fix it as soon as possible.

Maintenance of inverter and various control systems (Inverter and Controller)

The power inverter and control systems Best Solar Panel Company in Pakistan should be clean and free from accumulated dust. Therefore, should use a dry cloth to clean the dust that sticks to these devices and use a LED flashlight to look in difficult holes such as joints within the device to see if they are intact or not. If there is an unusable or damaged condition, for example the power cord has come off. If detected, fix it as soon as possible. Also, make sure that the boxes that cover these controls must not be nested by insects or rodents. If there is, get rid of it to prevent insects and rodents from causing problems with the system.

Maintenance of wiring and connections (Wiring and Connections)

Inspection of wiring and connections should determine whether the equipment shows signs of incompleteness or damage, such as cracks, cracks, deterioration of insulation and pipes. Various corrosion marks, burn marks, sparks when switching power switches. The condition of the ground, etc., if there is a problem, notify the installer to fix it as soon as possible.

Battery maintenance (Battery, The system with Battery Back-up)

Batteries are used in systems that need to back up electricity for use. The condition of the battery must be checked, such as the amount of electrolyte solution. Cracks in the battery pack Corrosion marks on the battery terminals Battery voltage level, etc. Batteries in good condition should be clean. No dust or stains and there should be no corrosion marks. and leakage of electrolyte solution If the problem is mentioned above, do the maintenance as follows.

  • If the amount of electrolyte solution is too small, add more solution to normal working level.
  • The occurrence of corrosion around the terminal to be cleaned, which the appearance of corrosion around the terminal is a white stain. Usually clean once a month.
  • The battery voltage level should be monitored regularly. When there is an abnormality, check, service or replace the battery pack.

System Installation Cost and Payback Period of Solar Cell System for Homes

The total cost of installing PVs Solar Energy in Pakistan for this home system is around 50-200 baht per watt, which depends on the power capacity of the PVs installed. It will be around 7-20 years. The payback period will depend on many factors such as solar quality, system efficiency, power generation, selling electricity to government or home use, and support. government finance, etc.