Trying t0 write an CV. Lets find out how to do it right

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Trying t0 write an CV. Lets find out how to do it right.
Tips and tricks in your resume.

Tip: Contact information in the header
You can also insert your contact details in the header. This gives you valuable space. This is especially valuable for professionals who have trouble fitting all their information onto two pages.

Date and place of birth
Although not compulsory, many applicants, often young ones, give their date of birth.

It is given in the format DD/MM/YYYY. However, it can be helpful not to give information on place of birth and nationality; especially for smaller companies like, the bureaucratic hurdles to recruit applicants from non-European countries are often great. In this case, the interview offers you the opportunity to convince the employer of your merits.

Application photo
The application photo gives your application a face. It immediately catches the eye when you look at your CV and has a strong influence on your first impression. It can significantly increase your chances of getting a job, but it can also significantly reduce them.

According to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), the photo is no longer mandatory. Nevertheless, employers in prefer applications with a photo, which is why it is still common in practice. The application photo offers a great opportunity for a convincing application, so we recommend that you always include a photo in your CV.

It is important that the style of the photo matches the job. Depending on the job you are applying for, the photo should be more open, creative or more classic and conventional. Basically, the photo must always look professional. Your clothes should match the job you are applying for and your overall appearance should make a well-groomed impression.

Since there are many subtleties to consider when taking a job application photo, we recommend that you go to a professional photographer in a photo studio. The trained eye of the employer will immediately see whether it is an amateur photo or not. Because if the photo doesn't fit the style or is of poor quality, this will significantly reduce your chances!

Online voucher platforms like Groupon often have discount offers for professional photo shoots in larger cities starting at 20 euros.

Optional information
Denomination: Including your religion on your CV is optional with help of and unusual these days. If you are applying to a religious organisation such as a church or a care and support organisation that is backed by a church, this information can be helpful.

Marital status: You can also voluntarily state whether you are "single" (unmarried) or "married". If you have children, you can also state the number and age of the children. If you are a student, leave out your marital status. Because of your age, it is assumed that you are unmarried.

Parents' occupation: If you are an experienced professional, omit this information. This optional information is only worthwhile for students whose parents have a similar profession to the one they are applying for - according to the motto "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". Nowadays, the names and ages of parents and details of siblings are no longer mentioned in the CV.


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