I don't think projected madden 21 sales quantity has been made public

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I was hopeful they'd fix it but 3 months for Mut 21 coins UI updates they even admit that fans have been wanting for decades is a sad excuse for the giant that is madden. And that's only since the neighborhood finally went atomic after 10 decades of asking for these things politely. If not one of the recent outcries occurred, I guarantee none of these (or potential ) upgrades would even have been a discussion. 'Targeting' - by late October it'll be"XYZ occurred, it is gonna be postponed". Then, I bet by vacation season, PS5 will be out and they'll state the new franchise features will be included on next gen consoles. Hey! In addition, we get to check out a playoff bracket by the time the actual NFL playoffs are just about to start!

Exactly. I am only expecting the EA shareholders/institutions are aware of the fact and do not just take good news as good news. Unfortunately I don't think projected madden 21 sales quantity has been made public. At least I haven't seen it and I believe I'm relatively plugged in. They aren't feeling that much warmth if they're targeting Mid November. Unfortunately sales were fairly good this year, so that I do not expect much to change moving forward. Lets count how many upgrades MUT will get before the NOVEMBER franchise upgrade. Already we have an illustration this year. They fixed the MUT menu lag in 2-3 days-good for them. However, adding a team column and playoff bracket to Franchise? 2-3 months.

It kinda bothers me that most of these are prefaced with"fans have been asking for it for many years" and we know that they did not begin developing these modifications until about a month or two ago in the least. What disturbs me is they could have fixed this at anytime over the last console generation and also have refused to. "This is something fans have wanted for years" by saying that they're acknowledging they know what we want and have intentionally refused to really do it. It is ridiculous that it took several viral anti-EA social networking campaigns and a 0 metacritic score for them to provide us the bare minimum we desired. EAs higher ups are definitely messing with shit that surely makes it hard, but contemplating the devs behaviour throughout all this I do not think that's the issue anymore, I think Clint should answer with this shitshow. All of us joked about how it was paste glue for years but it hasn't really become a fact until Clint took over the series. There's no shortage of advice, EA has all of the info they could ever should boost madden yet they continue to ignore it.

Hell we state they spend their time on MUT, but how much does MUT really change year to year in a basic level? I dabble in it for a cumulative 10 hours every year and it is always the same at the base. I do not understand what these devs are doing all year. You're working from home, why do these simple updates take 3 months to discharge? Oh that's right it's cause you spend most of your resources and time on fucking MUT. It's clear they are feeling the pressure from the community and they have seen all of the terrible reviews, but they nevertheless don't give a fuck. Just tell us this season is a wash already. I think that it's more like 8 weeks to make Madden. I really wish that EA would do exactly what Activision did with CoD and bring in another studio or 2 so they have more time to spend on the match. Imagine how great of a match that had 3 or more years of buy Madden 21 coins development would be.