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Not that I am addicted to RuneScape gold this game, because in reality I barely get enough time to play, but I've played this game off and on since I was 10 years old. I am now 19 so that is almost ten years I have spent working on this game, and wasted many hours of my life, and it cannot end by me being banned for legity, something I did not do. In my appeal, I said that I had never botched and that they must have evidence that a program was utilized.

Here is my draft plan to implement Mining Smithing starting from this first: We will collaborate with the community (and developers) to develop a new, agreed list and restrictions regarding what rework must do, and what it cannot do. Many of these will likely be in conflict, so we'll need to come up with an agreement. This could require extensive exploration and explanation of how the economy functions and the long-term effects of changes. It is essential to reach a consensus to ensure that it does not become EOC 2.0 or RWWildy 3.0.

Second, reuse the design wherever it is compatible with the new requirements. Thirdly, offer suggestions or develop new elements to bridge the gap between the requirements and the design.

Where possible, I'd like to break down the design into smaller pieces so that we can agree and accept parts of independently without having to accept or reject the whole thing. We might be able for instance, to accept that the new mining mechanics are efficient and can be banked without having to discuss drop tables.

I've attached an informal listing of the things I believe to be the most important questions that require answers. While I have some personal responses to these questions, most of them are subjective. Therefore, I need to find consensus among the community. Please feel free to voice your opinion and to argue for others to agree with you. There are many more that I'm not aware of. I'll add them to OSRS buy gold the list when I think fit.