How about opening a coffee shop in Animal Crossing?

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How about opening a coffee shop in Animal Crossing?

You can enjoy a cup of coffee for 150 bells at the cafe at Animal Crossing, and regular customers will also get discounts. But the coffee shop in the village seems to be relatively simple, there are many beautiful props in Animal Crossing, and there are many types. Therefore, I want to compete with Uncle Owl who runs a coffee shop in the village to open a coffee and dessert shop.
How about opening a coffee shop?
First, use gold coins to buy DIY manuals in the store. If you need to buy gold coins, you can buy them at Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets. You probably need 12 pieces of wood to make.
Then go to the tailor shop to download the pattern design of the roadside stall. Enter the author's serial number in the terminal, you can search and save it in your phone.
Buy the reconstruction toolset in the store, bring the shelf on the roadside to the tool list for reconstruction, and then select the pattern design downloaded before.

Next, make some wooden tables and chairs, or use iron ore to make garden cast iron tables and chairs. Then buy some decorations. The red pillow can be modified. To keep the same style, I changed it to green stripes.
Choose an open space and start paving. For specific paving guidelines and picnic cloth drawings, please refer to the notes in the game, mainly covering the grass or beach under the canteen. I also paved a stone path on the beach. I like this tropical leisure feel.
After paved the road, you can put things on the roadside stalls, tables, and chairs. Menus and signs are ways to place easels, and you can plant flowers near tables and chairs to decorate them.

Finally, according to the time of the restaurant you want to open, you need to buy gold coins and other items in Buy ACNH Items. Then you can buy coffee machines, desserts, juice machines, etc. in the store, and finally, put the items you want to sell in the animal crossing coffee shop on the table, and you can open it!
Everyone is welcome to come to my coffee shop to taste delicious coffee, I will provide you with quality coffee and service.