Find a job as an escort

Finding a job in an escort agency is getting easier. On the Internet, girls exchange opinions. Now it is easy to find out where the conditions or the salary are better. But the requirements for girls began to change:

A stylish and bright girl now loses to a modest and caring one;

It is more interesting to talk with an escort model who has a goal and ideas;

It is fashionable to keep abreast of the latest news.

Escort agency worker

Excellent salary at 18-35 years old is a reality and is realizable for everyone. Pretty girls from adulthood are able to quickly become financially secure, spending 2-3 days a week at work. Jobs in the field of sex will help you get from $ 5500.

Escorting a man for money

Respectable men often attend events of various sizes:

VIP party;


Car showroom.

The presence of a companion can influence the outcome of a business meeting.

There are escort agencies for the selection of a girl. Working in an escort is convenient not only for clients, but also for girls who earn royalties for every hour of the time spent. Escorting with a graceful model makes it possible to maintain the image and establish a pleasant atmosphere.

Escorting a man for money

Of paramount importance, employment in an escort agency is very often the beginning of a long journey. After-hours work continues in the film industry, art, business, etc. All of this is done through acquired connections.

The most paid job for girls is not a bad option for gaining financial independence. This is an interesting activity that, in addition to money, will give you a lot of memorable emotions.

Suggestions from employers:

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What does an escort job promise?

Working as an escort for motivated girls is an opportunity to become independent. There are benefits in the leisure sector that are difficult to find in any other activity:

Employment without experience;

Timing for work;

Meeting rich people;

Daily payments;



This is a small list of advantages, but only a tiny part of it. And when you reach the LUX level, earnings will rise 3-4 times and a world of abundance will open. For a comfortable life, you just need to come to the customer for a meeting, spend 3 hours with him, talk, listen and get from 75,000 rubles for it.

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If you are a pleasant beauty, then you can easily take advantage of the offer. When you request 180,000 rubles per month, you need to work hard up to 5 trips.


Requirements for an escort

A fundamental wish when applying for a job is the desire to work. Appearance and number of years are important. Demand will also depend on this. Also, the following requirements are imposed on girls:


Sense of tact;


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Job availability

Girls who strive to ensure their well-being usually choose 2 development paths:

Career. The path from a small office employee to a department head or a top-level manager. Great stress on the nervous system, as a result - early old age.

Leisure sphere. Initially high prices for services. By the age of 30, usually ladies are already completely financially independent and have their own house, apartment, car, business and life for their own pleasure. Escort in Bangladesh

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To date, work in the field of intimate services is the most affordable. Most of the girls aspire to become escorts and migrate to Moscow. Fill out the application on the website in the section you like - turn your destiny for the better!