Why Students Plagiarize: And How to Address It

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One of the most common assignment-related questions that teachers are asked is whether it is acceptable for students to plagiarize. The assignment help experts at AssignmentHelpShop.com have the answer!

One of the most common assignment-related questions that teachers are asked is whether it is acceptable for students to plagiarize. The assignment help experts at AssignmentHelpShop.com have the answer!

Teachers of all levels, from elementary school to university level, can attest to the fact that plagiarism happens more often than you might think. One teacher addresses plagiarism by examining the underlying causes such as a lack of confidence or time management skills.

While I feel the sentence structure at a subdermal level and know I’m confronting plagiarism before my eyes reach the period, there are students that don’t realize they’ve done anything wrong. A quick Google search reveals that my ninth-grade student did not write this sentence: “The memories stirred by the song cause Odysseus to weep, and, though he tries to hide it, the king notices and distracts the crowd by suggesting they begin an athletic competition.”

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Reasons for Plagiarizing

So why do students plagiarize assignment help experts wonder? There are many reasons. Some students don’t realize that they’re doing anything wrong, while others just don’t care enough to cite their sources properly. Sometimes it’s done out of ignorance or laziness, but more often than not it can be attributed to a lack of confidence in assignment writing skills.

Lack of research skills:- Many college students do not know how to search a library catalog or databases for articles. That’s why the Middle Georgia State University Library offers free sessions where professors can teach their students these skills. The library also offers reference services on a daily basis.

Problems evaluating Internet sources:- students often use the first source they find on Google, which can be unreliable at best and completely wrong at worst.

Confusion between plagiarism and paraphrasing: – Students may not realize that it’s acceptable to change around a few words or phrases as long as you cite your assignment help expert sources.

Confusion about terminology:- Many undergraduate students don’t know how to find information in the library. Teachers can help them by working with the library. The college library has free classes that teach you how to search for information on databases and journal articles, as well as reference services where you can go every day if you need help.

Careless note taking: – It’s easy to forget that a paper is supposed to be original work if all of your research assignment help experts come from one source, such as a classmate or friend.

I feel assignment help experts need to address this issue early on in students’ academic careers, as it can be difficult for some to break the habit of not citing sources properly or taking other people’s words without giving credit where it is due. If you are a student who needs assignment help but don’t know how to write assignment well, the assignment help experts at AssignmentHelpShop can help you.

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