NBA 2K21: How to get all the dominance rewards

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In NBA 2K21, there are not only many innovative and fun mechanisms and functions, but also the dominant mode that has been widely praised by players has returned to the game. Players can control the team through AI in this mode to get rich returns, including many NBA 2K21 MT. So what should players do to pass The Domination mode challenge?

Players playing games in Domination Mode are usually a good way to earn tokens, which can then upgrade player cards to higher levels without spending MT or VC. However, there are also specific Amethyst and Diamond player rewards. Domination rewards accumulated by winning stars. Players’ performance will determine how many rewards they can receive. Domination allows players to play against teams from three different categories, including current NBA teams and historical teams and historical teams.

The harder the team will get, the better return, but they need to complete each challenge with three stars to unlock the best high-end player cards. For current NBA teams, you need to win three stars on every contemporary NBA team to unlock 91 Amethyst Nick Van Exel cards. Once you have Historic, you can win all the stars in Historic and unlock 93 Diamond Diamond Rolando Blackman cards. Once they have All-Time, players can win all the stars in All-Time, resulting in 95 overall Pink Diamond George Mikan cards.

More detailed information about the dominance mode needs to be understood by players themselves. In any case, it is very necessary for players to Buy Cheap NBA 2K21 MT at GameMS. Let’s play exciting and satisfying games.