The Advantages of Sash Window Restoration Dublin

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At your, we have over 15 years’ experience restoring; replacing, repairing. You can request a free, no obligation survey with one of with one of our professional joiners by clicking here.

The advantages of Sash Window Restoration Dublin are that the aesthetic appeal of your assets is maintained. This is a substantially an important consideration in conservation zones, in which planning officers contend on the maintaining of traditional features in properties. Be apprehensive that UPVC windows cannot be fitted in these locations.

Retain the Original Character of Your Property
When it comes to retailing your household, having unique but well maintained wooden sash windows in your property will help maximize its value. The first thing potential purchasers will see are the windows and doors. If they have been well restored, buyers should look at the rest of your property more positively. Indeed, by eliminating a property’s unique windows and replacing them with, for illustration, UPVC ones, you may actually risk reducing your home’s value.


Save Money

Opting for over Sash Window Replacement can save you a lot of money, as restoration work is frequently greatly cheaper than correct entirely new windows. Indeed if your windows look beyond repair and replacement, that’s very frequently not the case. Our team of expert joiners is suitable to restore almost every window. When that is not possible, such as when wood rot is particularly invasive, we can produce exact clones of your windows, which meet the conditions of planning regulations in conservation areas and Listed Structures.


Double Glazing

You may be considering Replacing Your Sash Windows as you request for them to be double glazed. Several individuals do not realize that when being traditional, Restored Sash Windows can actually be double glazed without negatively affecting their appearance. At your Sash Windows Renovation Dublin we can even double-glaze sash windows in maintenance zones. This will make your home warmer and you should also see a decrease in external noise as your property will be better soundproofed.

Draught Exclusion

All windows suffer general wear and tear over time and may eventually no longer fit into their frames correctly. When this occurs, your windows will rattle and cold draughts will enter your assets. When restoring your windows, we can fit draught rejection, leading to virtual draught exclusion. Not only will your home be important warmer, but you should also notice a reduction in dirt and dust doorway into your property, as it is through draughts that similar debris frequently enters the home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

By fitting double glazing and draught seals, the energy effectiveness of your home should be greatly improved. Heat will continue trapped in the property for longer. As a result, you will be reduce tempted to turn on the central heating and should soon see a reduction in your energy consumption.

Extend the Life of Your Windows

Many Sash Windows Dublin have been in residence since the properties were built, which could be over two hundred years ago. By carrying out a Windows Renovation Dublin, you can extend the life of your windows even further. You should find process of the windows much easier after they have been restored.

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At your, we have over 15 years’ experience restoring; replacing, repairing. You can request a free, no obligation survey with one of with one of our professional joiners by clicking here.