Choosing a Chemical Packaging Material

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Chemical packaging can be a challenging process

Specialty packaging is often needed when it comes to chemicals to assist with the challenges that may arise. For example, different chemicals will react in certain ways depending on the container it is in. The most common material specialty packaging companies use is plastic although there are several other types. Let’s explore some of the options for specialty chemical packaging.


As mentioned, specialty packaging services often utilize plastic. If you take a look at the chemicals in your home, you will notice many of them come in plastic containers. Plastic tends to be a more flexible material that holds chemicals well. Nevertheless, plastic does have its downfalls, especially since it does not do well with flammable materials.

Glass and Metal

For a while now, glass and metal have been utilized with chemical packaging. These materials are known to have sturdy properties which make them ideal to store chemicals. Metal is a good material to contain chemicals that are flammable. However, like all materials, glass and metal also come with risks. That is why it is essential to intrust in specialty packaging companies for assistance.

Specialty Packaging

When it comes to choosing the correct packaging, OctoChem has you covered. Here at OctoChem, we can assist with custom commercial packaging services. Clients can expect results to look professional. To assist with ensuring the best quality, we can even send a custom sample package to ensure all is well. Custom packaging at OctoChem is an accelerating part of the industry.

At OctoChem, we can assist in setting up an e-commerce website that makes ordering goods easier. Items in need of specialty packaging can expect to receive custom packaging solutions to assist with distribution efforts. Our team goes the extra mile by assisting with taking orders, processing them, shipping, invoicing, and payment collection. We also assist with managing inventory, labels, brochures, sizing, packaging, and more.

Protect Your Products

Certain products can come in special shapes that tend to break a bit easier. Custom packaging services at OctoChem can ensure packaging solutions fit products perfectly. When shipping materials, it is essential they do not leak or break. If not packaged properly, poorly packaged goods can send the wrong impression to clients. We can ensure packaging is the right fit to prevent damage from occurring during shipping. Interested in learning more about materials and packing? For more information regarding specialty packaging, contact OctoCehm today.