5 Things To Do When Your four wheeler insurance Lapses

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Read this blog to know what when your four wheeler insurance Lapses

Everyone aims to have continuous car insurance coverage. However, even after best efforts, at times a car insurance policy does lapse. If your car insurance plan has recently lapsed, do not start panicking - there are some ways in which you can get the cover again. Take a look at this article to know how that can be done.


  • Refrain from driving the car


If your car insurance cover has lapsed, do not drive the car till you renew or buy car insurance online. It is risky to do so as if you get involved in an accident, you cannot make a claim. Also, if the traffic cops pull you over, you will have to pay a heavy fine.


  • Contact your insurance provider


If you miss the opportunity to renew four-wheeler insurance online, and the policy lapses, you will have to contact your insurance provider. You can call the insurer, contact them via your insurance agent or send me an email, notifying them about the status of your motor insurance policy.


  • Renew the plan, if it is within 90 days


You can renew your car insurance policy online within 90 days of it getting lapsed. If you initiate the process within 90 days, the process is fairly simple. You will just have to pay the dues and get the four wheeler insurance online plan reinstated.


  • Look for a new cover


The plan can be reinstated within the first 90 days but if it is more than 90 days, the process is more difficult. You will have to get a fresh four wheeler insurance online plan. When doing so, you must remember to compare car insurance online. Also, look for a plan that has many features and is affordable as well. Also, consider getting some riders for optimum coverage. Get the new cover as soon as possible, as keeping your car uninsured is a legal offense.


  • Compare and look for long term plans


When you compare, also consider looking at the long-term car insurance plans. These plans are valid for periods of up to three years. You do not have to worry about the policy lapsing anytime soon. Also, when you buy a long-term car cover, you get to save money as the premium stays fixed for the entire duration. Explore your options and make a smart choice for now and the future.

Follow these easy tips if your four wheeler insurance online plan has expired. Also, after you get the cover reinstated, set reminders so that your car insurance policy does not lapse again in the future.

In conclusion 

It is very easy to buy car insurance online these days. The renewal process is quite simple too. This is precisely why you should renew the car insurance policy online and stay worry-free. If however, the plan does expire, look for the best ways in which you can have the best car insurance cover again. Follow the tips mentioned above and your job will become simple.