24*7 Emergency hospital in Madurai with essential care

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Critical and Emergency Care is the most important and essential care service for the people in the hospital.


Critical and Emergency Care is the most important and essential care service for the people in the hospital. When the patients in critical condition, road accident, or heart attack. They need to be treated with extreme care by a well-experienced and expert doctor. The Devadoss Multispeciality Hospital  in Madurai  has high-tech devices and equipment to monitor the critical patients for 24/7 care.


What is ICU


The Intensive care unit is prominent care for people who have a severe illness. The patients require the most accuracy and need a regular period of medical monitoring. Also, they need the most crucial level of medical care. In ICU, they have well-trained staff like surgeons, duty doctors, specialists, and nurses, who will exist for 24 hours.


Prime doctors for surgery


They provide you the prime doctors for online consultation who are specialists in different fields. They have 10 - 15 years of experience and have done hundreds of surgeries. They are specialists in handling all kinds of critical health conditions.


They can manage all complex cases for patients of all age groups. And they follow various strategies for the patients in emergency and different procedures for complex problems.


Who needs ICU 


ICU is suited for patients who require advanced respiratory support and the support needed for two or more organ systems. And the chronic impairment of organs. 

Serious conditions like an accident, on the head, or burns. Short term conditions like stroke, asthma, or cardiac arrest.




The ambulance is a life support vehicle equipped with state-of-art items like Ventilators, Defibrillators, Monitors, and Continuous Oxygen Supply. In every ambulance, a doctor will be present on it. To give first aid to the patients who are in serious condition. 

Hundreds of lives are saved by experts, and their extensive care will change many life and death situations. Especially emergency conditions such as strokes help the patients and give more time for the treatment.



Right time treatment


Today there are many new diseases, and accidents have increased a lot. Life is short that anything can happen at any time, like a heart attack, asthma, or injured critical condition. At that moment, emergency and critical care play a vital role. They give priority to the patients, and extreme care makes them from worse condition to normal condition. 


When the patient loses consciousness, the specialist will immediately provide CPR and the ventilator to keep the patient alive. They give necessary treatment like surgery to cure the health problem. Providing the right treatment at the right time will save many lives.


High tech equipment


The main thing is that the hospital is needed to be equipped with the most advanced and latest technology. It helps to find out the diseases, cancer, and other health problems at an earlier stage. It helps the doctor to cure health issues at the beginning stage. High-tech devices are boon for the people. They can get the best treatment and the result with the help of devices.


Anything can happen at any time to the person. You may be in a situation in an emergency like an accident or cardiac arrest. At that time you have to call the emergency number. Not search for the number to call the ambulance or other services, so one should have saved the hospital or services number at emergency time.