Christmas Poems For Children: Short, Funny & Modern

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Every year again ... a famous nursery rhyme begins and sets the mood for Christmas. The big festival is something special every year, and everyone associates their own stories with Christmas. When it gets cold and dark outside, the perfect time to shut up, light a candle, and pick up a boo

The following article contains a selection of Weihnachtsgedichte for children with different themes and is intended to get in the mood for the most beautiful festival of the year at

It's Christ child's birthday
Christmas, Christmas is here again
We are happy about that Hallelujah!
Christ child has birthday today,
and that's why all people are happy
Christmas, Christmas is here again
We are happy about that Hallelujah!

Christmas spirit
Softly flakes fall down
Christmas, it's coming back.
Sugar-sweet biscuit scent,
is in the air again.
Pine cones, candlelight,
shines in the little room.
Shine of lights and enchanted forest,
Christmas Eve is coming soon!

Holy Night
Little Christ child will be born soon,
in the manger in the stable.
Wonderful holy night
brought the savior to us.

Joseph and Mary,
are with the Christkindlein in the stable.
Dear little Jesus,
come into our heart.

The holy child
Flake magic, winter forest,
Christmas Eve is coming soon.
Rabbits, deer and the bear,
come to the Kripplein.
Ox and donkey are already there
Squirrel is coming too, hurray!
All animals run swiftly
towards the holy child.

A little light
Little bells, little bells quickly,
for the sweet heavenly child.
Light your little light
that it can shine brightly.

Little stars shine brightly in all the world,
get the shepherds quickly out of the field.
Maria wrap up quickly,
the child in the coat.

Christ Child
Christkindlein, Christkindlein,
come into our heart.
You like all people
you shine brighter than a star.
Smiles at us very sweetly
that only you can be thanked.
that you give us your love,
and always think of us.