The point guards, but more important, shooting guards small

The point guards, but more important, shooting guards small,

The point guards, but more important, shooting guards small, and 2K22 MT power forwards should be wearing the Clamps badge. Clamps was the most sought-after badge during NBA 2K21 and is coming back in 2K22. Clamps improves holders' capacity to stay in front of their ball handlers on the edge.

Clamp holders have access to quicker cut actions and are more effective by bumping the ball's handler. This badge is vital for anyone who wants to have a chance of avoiding sharp-shooting guards and forwards who are notorious for hitting mid-range shots. It allows you to remain in front and give you a better chance of getting hands in front , and thus, preventing shooting with a straight shot.

This badge could be used by most players, however larger players could also wear the Intimidator badge. Offensive players that are matched up with ones who have the badge Intimidator will have lesser success rates when attempting a contested shot. While contesting shots are essential for avoiding baskets, an added boost is beneficial. If you are able attempt to incorporate this badge on your design.

Post Lockdown is yet another badge big men will require in NBA 2K22. This badge enhances defenders' ability stop backdowns and post-moves. This badge is essential for centers and power forwards. It is useful if you have a match with a player those who prefer post moves.

It's an essential badge to Cheap NBA 2K22 MT have if you're big. Rebound Chaser increases the capacity of the holder to find rebounds at longer distances. For the most part, will give the holder an enormous advantage when rebounding against those who do not.