The developers of "Path of Exile 2" prefer the Beta version to express "game testing value" rather t

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Grinding Gear Games has been balancing the POE Currency and RPG sequels of Path of Exile. In any case, this is a delicate balance, but COVID-19 has made the rhythm a bit chaotic. Developers have removed them from "Path of Exile 2" more than once and transferred to the professions they were engaged in during that particular period.

For this reason, the release date of "Path of Exile 2" has been unclear, because the public still believes that the upcoming PC game will be ready when it is ready. Some people hope to release a beta version of Path of Exile 2 this year, but that will not happen. Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson told us that one of the reasons for this is not worth it. The studio can undoubtedly combine a beta version, but it does not provide the desired value of game testing.

"Part of the question is how big the beta should be, right? There are a lot of issues related to this," he said. "Are you running Beta to test some content and systems that do not have a complete game? Do you wait to get closer to the release version and run a more complete Beta? We are working on the game and are currently proceeding chapter by chapter.

"So it's very possible that we can test the results so far relatively well, but I don't know how valuable it will be. This may have marketing value, but I would rather try to get some game testing value from it. "

As for "Path of Exile 2" itself, Wilson admitted that it was a slow process because he wanted to keep the original work healthy, and the studio no longer relied on follow-up actions to save them from possible catastrophic consequences.

Wilson told us: "This will take us a while, but it's still happening, and it's still exciting." "We have always had to extract resources from Path of Exile 2 to complete the task on time, because my goal is not Miss any expansion and keep the game growing.

As Wilson suggested, in the meantime, POE Items can keep you busy. Developers are inspired by many unexpected sources, and this is no exception. Wilson said that when he and coach Jonathan Rogers went to Netflix for inspiration, they thought of the ideas behind POE and Heist.