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Hosted VoIP Phone Systems in London

‘Voice over Internet Protocol’, also known as VoIP, is a system that allows telephone services to be delivered over the internet, rather than using a traditional telephone system.

This is a powerful technology that has seen somewhat of a revolution in recent years, especially with the shift towards home working, with more and more businesses adopting it within their operations. 


A well-integrated and professional hosted VoIP solutions phone system should include all of the same features of your traditional business phone system, alongside additional benefits such as increased flexibility for the user and huge cost savings for companies.

A strong VoIP system means that your business gets all the benefits of the technology and flexibility of VoIP calls, without the need to support a PBX system on-site.

Cost effective and easy to run, hosted VoIP solutions have a lot more to offer compared to the prices of traditional telephone systems and the hefty phone bills they bring.

This is why we provide superb, hosted VoIP services in the London area, and have been doing so for our clients for years.


The key point of VoIP systems is for the process to be simple and stress-free for businesses. What a VoIP system does, is turn your audio recording straight into digital signals, then your broadband connection, and sends said recordings as data. On the receiving end of the ‘line’, this is then transferred back into audio.

It’s pretty much the same process as that of a normal telephone line, but it’s taking place over the internet so is more reliable.

The fact that VoIP operates across a closed, data-encrypted system means that all exchanges are completely secure, much more so than phone lines.

This is particularly helpful for businesses handling personal details of their customers, or those who have privacy concerns whose staff often use the phone.

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