The official Biden island was shown in a Twitch stream on Friday, hosted by Kinda Funny Games and screenwriter Gary Whit

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Democratic candidate Joe Biden (Joe Biden) entered the field of active animal crossing, which is Nintendo's most widely used simulation game.

Last Friday, in a very live broadcast hosted by Kinda Funny Games with Greg on its Twitch channel, the state-run Biden Island showed off the access rights to Dream Code, allowing people to access Take pictures and enjoy the scenery in tropical areas, but interact with anything. Miller and Rogue screenwriter Gary Whitta (Gary Whitta) discussed their requirements for a promotional island.

Whitta said: "Many people are a bit cynical about me personally, stealing money, but this is obviously a special case of serving a great cause." The Twitch show showed the ideal choice of a Biden pilot, declaring to tourists that there is no malice, mainly There is a custom-designed advantage portal on the square, which can usually design a variety of clothes, including Biden/Harris T-shirts.

Miller talked in the creek about Biden's fascination with ice cream and the possibility that trains across the United States could be included in the area. The "Te team" logo is very eye-catching, and since the theme starts, you can see the product portfolio with Biden and Harris.

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