Features of Super Thick Euro Chest Freezer

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Potential benefits of Super Thick Euro Chest Freezer


Potential benefits of Super Thick Euro Chest Freezer

Reduce eating out
To be honest, I really just want to stock a variety of frozen foods so that there are fewer daily problems... "What do I have to do for dinner?". In many cases, the answer is ultimately "Let's take out." I want staple foods like frozen chicken breast and vegetables, and some pizzas and burritos to hide.

Ability to stock up during sales
If there are promotions such as frozen vegetables, I can now buy them in bulk without waiting for the next sales cycle. You can also freeze everything from bread to milk.

Store fresh fruit
In summer, you can make some interesting (and cheap) U-Picks at the local farm without having to eat them all at once. Blueberries, strawberries, peaches are delicious. Home gardeners can do the same.

Less shopping = less driving = less gas
I try to go to the grocery store while commuting or other errands, but living in the suburbs does increase my fuel consumption.

Batch cooking
I have tried cooking food for a whole week in advance several times, but I often run out of freezer space. In addition, in this way, people can make their own soup or soup in large quantities. My mother always freezes her homemade chicken soup into "ice balls" in an old margarine bucket.

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