A Beginner’s Guide to Three Types of Transcription Services

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It may seem a bit challenging to choose a transcription service that serves your purpose the best. Procure information about verbatim, intelligent, and edited transcripts to arrive at a decision without any hassle.

There is more than one transcription service available in the market right now. When you have a video or audio file you wish to convert into a text document, you must make a decision as to which service is optimal for you.

In the following write-up, we will take a look at the main kinds of transcription services and how you can figure out what suits your needs the best. In almost all the cases, the factor you would like to base the decision on is the purpose for which you are going to be utilizing the transcribed content.

The experts determining the Australian transcription rates said the three types of transcription services are intelligent, edited, and verbatim. Let’s take a look at each in details.

Intelligent Transcription

In intelligent transcription, any indications of stuttering, pauses, emotions, and the thought procedure are completely eliminated.

The transcriptionist will be editing the text in an intelligent manner to convey the message more properly. He/she need to discern accurately what the message is and how to convey it in a grammatically correct manner. This might involve a tad paraphrasing of what was said actually.

Intelligent transcription service is easy to read and suitable for medicinal fields, business interactions, and the interviews meant for publication.

Edited Transcription

In edited transcription, you will see only the relevant aspects of a recording generally just the words. There would not be any sort of stuttering or interjections such as ‘um’ or ‘erm’, or any other thing that litter a transcript.

The transcriptionist’s competence is required for correctly choosing which parts of the recording are most relevant. This means a profound comprehension of what is said is generally called for. The transcriptionist must realise which bits of the audio or video file can be left out with changing the meaning.

Edited transcript is easier to read and cleaner to look at. It is suitable for interviews meant for publication, speeches, business communications, conferences, seminars, and meeting minutes.

Verbatim Transcription

The experts providing the best transcription services said verbatim transcription is also called word-for-word transcription. The final document includes much more than the words that can be heard. It has false starts, stutters, interjections, repetitions, unclear words, garbled sentences, coughs, sighs, sneezes, etc. The biggest benefit of verbatim transcript is that it offers a definite context.

Verbatim transcription is perfect for police investigations, court proceedings, data analysis, market research, commercials etc.

Whenever you are deciding on what transcription service will be best, it will always come down to the purpose for which you will be using the transcribed content. If in doubt, make sure to ask questions to the provider. After all, it is in his/her best interests as well as your for having optimal transcription for your objectives.