Tips and Tricks to Deal with the iBeacon App Development Challenges

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Developed by Apple, it’s a technology that uses Bluetooth low-energy proximity sensing to transmit the signals by using custom push notifications


Developed by Apple, it’s a technology that uses Bluetooth low-energy proximity sensing to transmit the signals by using custom push notifications. Thus, the information is passed to the pertaining beacon device but sometimes, the signal gets lost since it is interrupted by solid objects like metal doors, or any other objects.


Thus, before reading iBeacon technology, we have listed some of the facts that one should be aware of.

  • iBeacons are a better fit than Beacons: As beacons broadcast their unique identifier numbers, while Apple supports the Beacons by recognizing a set of numbers and transporting them to a reliable device.
  • With compelling features, it lures the users to turn on their Bluetooth device and location service. Thus, it only offers one chance to change the requesting user’s permission. So choose wisely.
  • The iBeacon feature allows one to perform an efficient monitoring feature where the application showcases battery efficiency while encouraging the Bluetooth feature to be activated.
  • Securing the data and relevant and other confidential information.
  • Check the Bluetooth devices for a smooth experience.


However, even the best iBeacon app development company and several iOS developers are encountering challenges because of its unique traits and features. Some of them have been listed below.


The Distinctive choice of Features:

By approximating the existing physical distance of iBeacon, one can possibly get a rough idea about the center of radius. Thus, beacons can even be tied to devices. Thus, with the backend support in mapping and providing a real-time context.

So, during the iBeacon app development, weigh the elements that can possibly add a value to a seamless experience.


Challenging Matrix: 

Another challenge availing the benefits of using matrix, thus, the user can grant the permissions. Thus, only a few features have to be checked before the proper usage of beacons.


Pertaining Issues with Signals and Hardware:

While dealing with iBeacon, one should be aware of the proper usage of tools and radios. In addition, the low-energy signal varies significantly and this signal connectivity precisely indicates that the chosen application should be built depending on the type and the variables.


Triangulation and Tracking:

Paving the communication between iBeacon can open new communication channels with the desired mobile device. Thus, it can transmit the data and other information using a reliable network connection. Thus, by personalizing the application providing a real-time experience can help at a greater length.


Navigation of the Application:

It becomes difficult to understand what we can actually expect the application to do, thus experiencing a demo video with a provided account discount, battery disclaimer, and much more.


A Service Piece:

With a clear-cut consideration of the app, it could access the filtered data while applying the adequate security measure, which can be a little tricky. Thus, developers can use the time-based logic scripts to observe the statistical analysis.



Building a specific iBeacon can be a task due to its unique features and its challenges while developing an application. Thus, using some pre-existing tools can help you to achieve and overcome these challenges in app development.

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