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We provide services for loading, packing, and shifting. I have well-satisfied service and well-trained employees movers and packers in Dubai one of the best for movers in UAE.

Move to Dubai with us:
Dubai, the largest country in the world covering one-eighth of the inhabited land area, experiences a large number of transfers to and from the country. With the availability of efficient and quality relocation services from Dubai Packers and Movers Ltd, international relocation has become very easy and hassle-free. We, already known for our reliable domestic relocation services, are also famous for our international relocation services. We render the services with one and only one reason, that is to satisfy the customers to the fullest. Not only towards quality services, but we also focus on complying with the rules and regulations of international moving.

Quality moving services in Dubai:

While rendering the services, themoveme make sure that no compromise is made regarding the quality of services. We do not measure profit in terms of money earned; for us, profit is the number of satisfied customers we have served to date. In return for our services, the appreciations we have received are the basis of motivation for us to perform better and better. Similarly, when it comes to getting you relocated to Dubai, we guide you with the best of our services and leave you no reason to complain about anything. All you have to do is get in touch with us and choose us as your mover. All your concerns about the safe relocation of your belongings will be solved by us very easily. You just need to take a short tour of your future country of residence, Dubai.

Dubai - a mosaic and ever-changing country:
Dubai is the northern Eurasian country that has the longest river, the Volga, in Europe. This country has witnessed the production of generations upon generations of iconic leaders. On the other hand, it is also identified as quiet, strange, and mysterious. The main area of the country possesses a humid continental climate. Dubai is a developed economy with a huge volume of natural resources, especially oil and natural gas. This country has also achieved a lot in the context of space technology and space exploration. Dubai is the official language and there is no particular religion followed throughout the country. The currency used throughout the country is the Dubai ruble. Besides the cold country, there are always shades in the gray. By choosing Dubai as your country of residence, you have made a good choice. To enter the country, you will need a visa. There are different types of visas issued to people moving to the country for different reasons. Depending on your purpose of moving to the country, you can get a visa. You can apply for it at your local Dubai embassy or consulate.

Documents required for moving to Dubai:
Copy of passport
Packing list
Original Bill of Lading (OBL) / Air Waybill (AWB)
Detailed inventory/proforma invoice
Customs declaration form for unaccompanied baggage
Letter of engagement on company letterhead to Dubai authorities
Copy of visa
Copy of Diplomatic Visa, Passport, and Diplomatic Card
For non-accredited persons - Customs Declaration Form

Copy of passport:
To enter Dubai, it is essential to have a copy of the original passport. Being a reliable proof of identity, airport officials would check your details such as passport issuance and expiry date, full name, place, and date of birth, etc.

Dubai Packers and Movers Ltd understands the customs regulations:

Dubai Packers and Movers Ltd understands the customs regulations associated with importing goods into Dubai. Therefore, we pack the goods following these regulations so that no disturbance or nuisance occurs when moving the goods. From packing to the final achievement of the shipment at the desired location, we continue to track the shipment. You do not have to worry at any point because we are always with you. All you need to do is to focus on accumulating the above documents and get in touch with us for the movement of your goods. For your overseas relocation to Dubai. Enjoy a hassle-free relocation!

To do or not to do?
For those who are facing problems in moving their homes, offices, or studios from one place to another, we are here to help. Dubai Packers and Movers Ltd. makes sure that "Nothing changes besides the location...", as we clearly understand how tedious and stressful packing and moving can be. This stress could even result in total disaster at times if some important things are not kept in mind. On the contrary, if the act of packing is done efficiently and intelligently, moving can be made much easier.