​Diablo 2 Resurrected:How to complete Act 5?

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Finish the final quest in Act 4, then go through the red teleport given by Tyrael. Arrive at Harrogath town in Act 5 run by Barbarians. Talk with NPCs in the town and familiar with their position and responsibility and find the blacksmith Larzuk to kick off the first quest.

How to complete Quest 1: Siege of Harrogath?

Quest 1 isn't a big deal for players. This quest is to find the Shenk the Overseer at the entrance of the Frigid Highlands. Due to the smaller map than that in Act 4, you can complete it quickly or kill all the monsters to accumulate your experience points at your own pace.

Heading towards Shenk the Overseer, preparation for fight must be done. It is rather easy but a crowd of enslaved persons around the boss you need take care because they will turn to be enemy with explosive damage that imperils your hit points (HP). Dispose it and return back to town, conservation with Lazruk who will add slots to a none-slot item. Otherwise, you can choose to keep it for a better item you get later.

How to complete Quest 2: Rescue on Mount Arreat?

Quest Log shows automatically when you enter the Frigid Highlands in Quest 2. Return to the town and talk with Qual-Kehk to get your detailed information of rescue 15 Barbarian soldiers. You need to find three prison cells in the Frigid Highlands, 5 Barbarian soldiers in each cell. Then defeat custodial monsters and open the door of cells to let them go back to their towns by teleport(TP).

Completing this quest and conversation with Qual-Kehk, you will get Tal, Ral and Ort Runes as  your rewards as well as the right to employ Barbarian mercenaries. If you have a three-hole shield, you can combine these three runes together to create the Ancient's Pledge runeword, which is a good way to improve resist at low lost. Diablo II: Resurrected Items, please choose mmoso.com.

How to complete Quest 3: Prison of Ice?

Malah in the town will ask you to rescue alchemist Anya. You need go to the Arreat Plateau from the Frigid Highlands and find the Crystalline Passage. Into the right corner of the map, you'll find the entrance to the Frozen River. There is waypoint in The Arreat Plateau and the Crystalline Passage so as to find the way back to your campsite when you are defeated. Finally, find Anya at the lower right of the Frozen River map.

Around Anya and the entrance of the Frozen River, there are snowmen that dizzy you with high damage. Replenish your statue when you have lower HP by TP. Kill monsters surrounding Anya then make a conversation with her. Next, you need return back to the town and get an elixir from Malah. After that, take Anya out of the prison and conversation with Malah to obtain a scroll which increases your resist by 10%. In addition, you can talk with Anya for rare class-specific items.

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