How to buy a regular and suitable laser pointer

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There are many types of laser pointers, and they are also more useful.

There are many types of laser pointers, and they are also more useful. They are generally used as an indicator. For example, when presenting some documents, you can use it to focus on the target. The functions and prices of such products on the market vary. How to choose a safe and qualified laser pointer? LD (bulb) quality, lens quality, laser crystal quality, laser 20000mw power, etc. must be carefully checked to avoid affecting the quality of the laser pointer. Now we can see that many university teachers and teachers in elementary and middle schools hold laser pointers during class, which is not only more conducive to work, but also allows students to concentrate more on the blackboard. What is the name of the laser pointer for teaching? Many people don't know much about it. In fact, the laser pointer used in multimedia classrooms is called the page turning laser pointer. It has the function of a laser pointer and the function of turning up and down pages of PPT courseware remotely.

Laser pointers are roughly divided into four categories according to the intensity of energy. The power of the first low-output laser pointer is less than 0.4MW. This laser pointer 5000mw basically does not cause damage to the eyes. It is also used in daily life and has strong practicability. The second is the low-output visible laser pointer with a power of about 0.4MW-1MW. Using this laser pointer to illuminate the eyes will make the eyes feel dizzy and will not cause major damage to the eyes. It is generally used in companies or schools. The third type of visible light continuous laser and the fourth type of high output continuous laser are less used in daily life.

Laser is inherently stimulating to cats because it represents: fast-moving prey. Although indoor cats do not need to hunt for food, their nature has never degraded. When the 3w laser pointer spot moves quickly in the room, the cat understands it as a small animal trying to escape and hide. Therefore, certain instincts begin to appear, such as the desire to hunt, pounce, and kill prey.