4 Types of Trendy Sunglasses You Must Try

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Saint Owen is a trusted eyewear brand in the USA that is specialized in manufacturing handcrafted eyewear pieces with exhilarating details.

Sunglasses are an accessory that never goes out of style. It's not just protecting your eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays, but also about protecting your image. Sunglasses are the type of accessory that can make or break your outfit.

Wearing the right style of designer sunglasses for women can make a big difference in how you look. This is why you need to know which glasses are in fashion now and how you can wear them. In this blog, you will find the five most popular trending sunglasses that you can wear this summer.

Here are 5 types of trendy sunglasses you must try:-

Round Sunglasses:-

Round sunglasses can have thick or thin metal or plastic frames. Round frames are very versatile and can give you any look, from traditional to postmodern. The most popular sport sunglasses are round and rectangular sunglasses. In most cases, you will find round-frame colored sunglasses perfect for square faces.

Athletes and celebrities prefer this type of sunglasses as well as the hip-hop and rap stars. From Mick Jagger to Bob Dylan, from Michelle Obama to Angelina Jolie, round sunglasses fit almost all well-known faces.

The latest trend in 2021 is to combine round glasses with a thick frame and a colorless lens.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses:-

Cat-eye sunglasses never go out of style and we love the cool mint green color of these frames. With a sleek, angular frame, these sunglasses add flair to any outfit. These glasses were originally designed to allow women to wear an accessory without it looking too obvious, with the optical illusion of bigger eyes and a narrower nose.

Cat-eye sunglasses are the most glamorous and trendy sunglasses for women, so every woman should have at least one pair. The shape of cat-eye sunglasses is often the most feminine and flattering, adding charm and sophistication to any look.

Square Sunglasses:-

Square sunglasses are perfect for people with round faces. They are the best designer sunglasses for men because they will accentuate your face shape and give it definition. It can hide imperfections on the forehead, cheek, and chin. Their even distribution of weight throughout the frame creates a sense of symmetry.

Square sunglasses can be worn by both men and women with round faces, regardless of eye shape or hair color, as long as there is enough contrast in skin tone so that they don't look like something you'd see at Halloween store.

Aviator Sunglasses:-

Aviator style sunglasses are intended to be worn under headgear and are characterised by dark, sometimes reflective lenses. They are designed primarily for aviation, typically offering the wearer protection from glare and atmospheric conditions that might interfere with vision.

There are many different lenses options available for aviator sunglasses, but most glasses sold in the United States come standard with polarized one which is also favoured by truck drivers.

It’s not difficult to find this type of sunglasses anywhere anymore these days as they have become a popular style choice for many people especially those who work in professions where they need to wear headgear.

About Saint Owen :-

Saint Owen is a trusted eyewear brand in the USA that is specialized in manufacturing handcrafted eyewear pieces with exhilarating details. Meticulous in the design and construction of each pair, Saint Owen elevates each style with special accents such as ceramic nose pads and optical grade stainless steel hinges.

Conclusion :-

We hope you enjoyed our article on the 4 different types of trendy sunglasses that are available. So if you are a fashion conscious person and you want to look good then you must check out these best sunglasses for women and men. Just make sure that you try not to look like a celebrity from a distance. These sunglasses are cool and trendy and will make you look cool too.

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