Describe of Bowed Psaltery of Appalachian Strings Instruments 

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Appalachian Bowed Psalteries have a logically located “cut let whole” in the upper reverse to ensure safe and comfortable control as you play or transport your beautiful new Psaltery.

Appalachian Strings Instruments Bowed Psaltery is possibly the most innovative Bowed Psaltery erected. Easy to hold and light weight, you can enjoy hours of music easily comfortable on an Appalachian Psaltery. Apre-stressed cutlet-concentrated frame of hard maple accompanied by the exclusively supported soundboard guarantees a tough and directly hand machined Psaltery that will give, not only times, but decades of dependable musical service.

Appalachian Bowed Psalteries have a logically located “cut let whole” in the upper reverse to ensure safe and comfortable control as you play or transport your beautiful new Psaltery.

Each instrument is precisely audited for accurate hitch leg height to ensure smooth movements of the arc from note to note. Thirty strings with varying needles give strong harmonious tone throughout its completely polychromatic range of F above middle C to third Bb above middle C. Of course, all Bowed Psalteries come with the attractive Harrison Rose sound whole inlay.
Each instrument comes with a tuning wrench, string hand map and tuning scheme, rosin, and an Appalachian bow made of real Mongolian horsehair. We back all of our instruments with a 2 time limited bond. Whichever model you choose,

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