Rotary or Coil Tattoo Machines - Which One is the Most Suitable Equipment?

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Tattoo machines are an integral part of the overall tattooing process. Let’s check out the post to know which machine is the most suitable one for tattooing services.

Every tattoo artist in this industry faces a similar dilemma – “which is the best tattoo machine to use?” Whether to use rotary machines or dual coil machines? It takes a lot of brainstorming and discussion for them to decide on choosing the best tattoo machine. But when you are here, you will get the best suggestions!

After reading the post, you will be acquainted with how these machines operate and decide which one to use. Check out the post to know about the best tattoo machines you can use while making tattoos.

Rotary Machines Vs. Coil Machines

Considering the insights from the expert tattoo artists, the perks of rotary tattoo machines overpowers the likes of dual coil tattoo machines. One of the biggest differences between them is that rotary machines effectively give smooth shading and lines.

Let’s find out some other advantages of using a rotary iron tattoo machine that makes it stand apart from the others.


The noise coming out because of electromagnetic switching of coils gets quite intimidating for the clients getting a tattoo, especially for the first time. This makes them more nervous, and they often twitch their body that causing damage to the skin and sometimes severely. Rotary tattoo machines create less noise, and it also gives an impression that makes tattoo lovers feel that the process will be less painful.


Coil-based tattoo machines have two coils and iron rods, which makes the machine bit heavy. At times, it gets difficult for the artist to carry the machine for hours to create the design. The artists also tend to get tired after a point of time and daily use of the coil machine. But rotary machines are operated on the motor, and they are considerably lighter than the coil machines.

This makes them a comfortable choice for the artists to use and create breath-taking results. Because of the lightweight property of rotary machines, artists can sit for a long during a session without getting cramps in fingers and in hands. This has helped in the reduction of mistakes significantly.


Talking about the coil machines, one of their biggest drawbacks is that they cannot create lines or shades. This compels the artists to have both machines handy and use both of them simultaneously. This gets very difficult when an artist is working on a complex design. But as per the norm, rotary machines can create both shades as well as lines, and one can do this just by selecting the needle.

These are certain perks of using rotary machines that outrun the likes of coil machines. Always be very careful in choosing a tattoo gun kit for sale, and consider the ease of use factor before investing your hard-earned money.