drift hunters - Endless race for super cars.

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drift hunters- where a high-speed race takes place between the most modern supercars.

Drift Hunters is an introduction to the game.

The Drift Hunters game's development history.
Drift Hunters is a three-dimensional online drift automobile game developed by Ilya Kaminetsky and distributed by Studionum43. It went live on April 23, 2021.

It has garnered the most favourable feedback from gamers since its release. Millions of individuals have taken part in this event, and they have liked it so much that they have spread the word to their friends all over the globe.

The most notable aspects of the Drift Hunters game.

Drift Hunters is a fantastic 3D automobile driving game in which you may unleash your speed and create the most bizarre and hazardous races. Discover a wide range of sophisticated engine systems that you won't find anywhere else.
This is a whole new 3D environment with realistic physics and speed. Drift to any location on the map, even the most difficult ones; The Road is the most challenging obstacle you must conquer. Make

a lot of stunt driving to get a high score.

You can easily update and enhance the engine in this drift game. Change to entirely new vehicles with more current characteristics. You may upgrade to any of the main vehicle manufacturers, including BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Porsche, and Nissan. Purchase all of these vehicles and store them at your station or drive them proudly on the road, utilizing the most powerful contemporary racing vehicles to help you swiftly win additional points. There are no restrictions or requirements, and you may tune both the engine and the visual performance of your material at no cost.

Changing Drift Hunters
Drift Hunters provides a broad selection of customization possibilities, including aftermarket components and bodykits, as well as wheels and paint colors. The game's most unique feature is that you may pick from up to 25 different spectacular drift automobiles. Which automobile will be your preferred target?

Favorite automobiles

Spec R Nissan Silvia ( S15 )

S2000 Honda (AP1)

RX-7 Type R by Mazda (FD3S)

M3 BMW (E46)

Toyota GT86 vs.

Supra (Toyota) (JZA80)

1M Coupe by BMW (E82)

G35 Coupe Infiniti

Benz, Mercedes

Saloon AMG CLA (C45)

ST Ford Fiesta (Mark VI)

Coupe Nissan 370z

Skyline GTR (Nissan Skyline) (R34)

IS350 Lexus

Hellcat Dodge Challenger

Fastback Ford Mustang (S550)

335i BMW (F30)

GTR (Nissan) (R35)

911 GT Porsche (993)


In this section, you will be given instructions on how to play.

In this drift hunters game, You'll begin the race in a Toyota Corolla AE86. It may be used to make risky automobile stunts and get high points. You may then entirely substitute the score for anything you like. These items may be used as ornamental additions to make your automobile seem more powerful. You may also utilize greater points to get a fresh new automobile. Setting the aim of owning the most costly and contemporary automobile is the incentive to work more.

The fundamental improvement.

To begin, go to the main menu and choose "PARTS," then upgrade "ENGINE" and "TURBO" to "RACING" using 25000 credits in the game. You should update the turbocharger since it will enable you to alter all of the tuning menu settings.

If your money is insufficient, go to the racecourse to compete for cash prizes. If you can't accomplish it right now, don't worry; you can always update them later. Concentrate on refining your drifting technique; it will assist you in gaining more riches later on.