Top 5 Designs of Modern Professional Poker Table for Playing Card

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There are many Modern Professional Poker Tables designs in the market, although various factors will determine how comfortable it will be to play on.

There are many Modern Professional Poker Tables designs in the market, although various factors will determine how comfortable it will be to play on.

In choosing the best playing card table, let’s look at the different materials used and the designs to match your preference.

Materials Used for the Gaming Surface 

Different materials are used for the playing surface of a professional poker table that can affect how smoothly and comfortably you play.

Speed Cloth

The speed cloth is the most popular material covering for a poker table’s gaming surface. It is waterproof and allows your cards to be dealt smoothly across the table. Because of this, you can easily clean it when you spill drinks.


Velveteen is a cheaper alternative to velvet. It is a cotton material that can also provide the smoothness of dealing cards on the poker table.


A felt playing surface is made of nylon and wood; it’s also a popular choice among poker players. It is ideal if you don’t want the surface to be slippery.

Playing Surface Foam

This is ideal for players who prefer a soft feel to their surface. This usually has a thickness of ¼” and is added underneath the table’s playing surface.

Custom Graphics 

A gaming surface with customized graphics allows your poker table to stand out. These are commonly printed using dry sublimation; a special printer injects the ink into the surface material. This guarantees that the design is long-lasting. This guarantees that the design is long-lasting.

Designs of A Modern Professional Poker Table

The design of poker tables has different shapes to accommodate small to large groups of people. Let’s check out each below.

Oval Poker Table 

Oval poker tables are designed to accommodate as many people as possible. With these tables, dealing with cards is more efficient as the dealer sits in the middle. It is a classic choice which you can also use as a unique centerpiece.

Round Poker Table 

A more elegant and stylish option is a round poker table. These tables can also be used for dining and blend well with your home’s design. This is ideal when playing in intimate groups and having limited space. 

Foldable Poker Table 

A foldable poker table is ideal when you don’t have much space in your home. When it’s not in use, you can fold it and keep it in the corner of your home. In this way, you can use the space for other purposes. 

Texas Hold’em Table

If you are a fan of Texas Hold’em, it’s best to choose a poker table that’s designed specifically for that game. This table is long and has a dealer area. 

Table Top

A tabletop poker table is also ideal when you are limited in space. These can also be converted into dining tables when needed.

The Best Poker Table Design Depends on You

The best poker table design for you will still depend on your preferred wide range of designs and materials. Always remember to weigh out the pros and cons of each design to choose a playing card table that will be enjoyable to use.