paclitaxel injection price

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Paclitero is an antineoplastic regimen that is used to treat esophageal cancer,

ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer patients. Lung cancer, Kaposi's sarcoma, and pancreatic cancer are all treated with it. This therapy is administered intravenously as an injection. On Magicine Pharma, you may inquire about the price of paclitaxel injection price and purchase it at a low cost. Save up to 25%.

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Brand Name:- Paclitero
Generic Name:- Paclitaxel
Manufacturer:- Hetero
Dosage Form:- Injection
Strength:- 100mg
Composition:- Paclitaxel
Packaging:- 1vial
Indication:- Breast, Pancreatic, Non-small cell lung cancer.
Storage:- Store at room temperature.

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