10 Things You Need to Know About Home Depot Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring has the power to transform any environment and has countless varieties of colors and textures.

Laminate flooring has the power to transform any environment and has countless varieties of colors and textures. But before the aesthetic part, it requires certain care at the time of installation. Check out 10 things you need to know about your laminate flooring below.

1 - Composition

First, it is important to know the characteristics of Home Depot Laminate Flooring. It has its raw material from wood, they are wooden substrates with an application of special resin that reinforces the durability of the floor. Finally, a decorative paper is placed that gives the laminate flooring different characteristics.

2- Installation Time

Installing laminate flooring is usually quick. For example, an empty property with a properly adjusted sub-floor of up to 80m² can be completed in just 2 days. In cases where the furniture is already in the house or the sub-floor needs to be redone, it is certain that it will take more time to install, but this time is still short compared to installing a tiled floor.

3 – Sub-floor

It is extremely important that the sub floor is clean and level for installation. That's why when the subfloor is dimpled, hollow or brittle, it will need to be redone or readjusted. In some cases where interference is minimal, the installer will be able to make small adjustments and will not need to redo your floor. It is important to know this since the leveling of the subfloor can increase the final price of the installation.

4 – Where can I install

It is possible to install the laminate on ceramic, porcelain and marble floors, but it is necessary to place a blanket. The grouts must be regularized with regularizing mortar, we recommend products such as Weber Quartzolit or Mapei which are quick-drying and have a higher quality.

5 – Where not to install

Laminate flooring  must NOT be installed on carpet, hardwood flooring, upholstery or any floating floor.

6 – Is the use of the blanket mandatory?

Yes, all floating floors must be installed with the blanket.

7 – Air conditioning

Laminates dilate or shrink depending on the weather, so it is important that the material stays in the environment for 24 hours before being installed so that the floor is air conditioned.

8 – Equipment for installation

The tools generally used in general are: circular saw, jigsaw, miter saw, measuring tape and saw bow. hammer, saw, screwdriver, square, carpenter's pencil, professional stiletto, drill. strap, bar, stop block and spacers

9 – Humidity

Always check if the sub floor is free from moisture. You can perform the humidity test with a Humidity Meter or, more simply, just fix a plastic with adhesive tapes on the floor, finally wait for 24 hours and if there is perspiration on the plastic it means that the environment has humidity and the opposite floor needs to be waterproofed.

10 – Look for references

Always ask for a visit of the company at your home for the team to assess and measure the location, as well as consult the advertisement here and Google and rate the company, also check if the installers team is well trained and ask for a reference.