How to Get a Residence Visa in Dubai?

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People of other nations should receive a UAE residency visa for lawful living in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other emirates except for UAE and GCC national residents. Most ex-pats seek a visa from the organization that hires them, along

with a job card or employment permit. You should submit a visa to open a bank account, have a driving license, Start Business In Dubai, and register a vehicle. A residency visa can be issued in a variety of forms. The method of obtaining a resident visa usually requires the necessary steps.
Step 1
The sponsor shall apply for the entry permit. This move is sometimes skipped for residents of countries who receive an Employment Visa Dubai on arrival.
Step 2
Upon admission, the applicant for a residency visa needs to attend a state hospital or treatment facility for medical review. The safety testing is HIV (AIDS), B hepatitis B, Tuberculosis (TB), Leprosy and Syphilis blood, and chest x-rays. AIDS examination is completed. If any of these treatments provide positive results, the individual is removed except for curing syphilis. Cases with TB are then quarantined and removed.
Step 3
Expat or sponsor is transferred to the passport residence section and required to submit a medical examination report, pay certificate, a rental contract, and, if necessary, sponsorship partnership and supporting documents.
After contacting the visa office in the residence section, they will provide a payment form and will receive the payments. Often it seems like a bit of a tedious, but it completes the process correctly.
Step 4
In a couple of days, you can receive your passport with a new resident visa for your stay in Dubai. You can report to the employers’ office, the immigration department, or the consulate/embassies to obtain the Residence visa Dubai. If you are one of the 50% of people whose passports are held by the sponsors, your sponsor must assist you in getting the visa. It is unconstitutional, but little will be accomplished because most of the immigrants are reluctant to protest.