coin based water dispenser system

Water Vending Businesses have a 97,5% Success rate, Drinking water vending machines are the ultimate business AND investment opportunity. You can start your own water franchise or vending machine franchise operation. The water business is growing faster then any other sector of the beverag

Water Vending Machines are a cash business in pure water, a dream for every entrepreneur. No Products to purchase, no stocks to carry - JUST COLLECT THE CASH. A great invention to start your own business. Water vending machines, connected to tap water or borehole water, are fully automatic water purification machines, operated with coins, bank notes or even smart cards for cashless vending. Installed outside of supermarkets, deli-shops and petrol stations, customers can fill up their own bottles and containers with pure fresh water at a much reduced cost towards bottled water.
Bottled water is expensive, pure water from water vending machines offer a win-win situation for the owner of the machines, the shop owner, who receives a percentage of the takings, the consumer, who is assured of top quality pure H20,due to reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light treatment processes and the environment benefits too, as plastic bottles and containers are recycled.
The africa Coin Based Water Dispenser System is the new next Generation machine, providing even higher profits then normal water vending machines, as it sells value added waters for immediate consumption in any size container or bottle. Mineral and Flavour added water and cold water in schools and universities, caravan parks and beachfront locations in large bulk bottles or small carry and drink bottles. A machine that is superior in workmanship and components for a life time of trouble free operation. These machines are the ultimate tool to start a successful vending machine operation.