Do You Know About These On-Page SEO Best Practices?

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Optimizing your website will propel it to the top of search results, increasing visitors and revenue. There are a few essential critical elements to consider while undertaking On-Page SEO Optimization.

1) Domain Registration: Search engines value domains with longer renewal periods. In our opinion, a period of five years or more is ideal.

2) Meta Keywords: Each page should have its own keyword list. In our experience, five keywords on each page perform well. When choosing the best keywords for your website, ensure that they have a high potential (high volume of searches and low competition.

3) Robots.txt: Robots.txt should be included on all pages. Robots.txt actually instructs search engines on how to index your site.

4) Sitemap.xml: A site map gives search engines a list of all your pages and makes it much easier for them to list your pages.

5) RSS Feed (if applicable): RSS feeds for site updates are not available on all websites. You might incorporate this as an online feature in your newsletter section.

6) Title Tag: The title should explain the page and include the strongest keyword/keywords (don't cram the title with keyword phrases; instead, focus on the strongest one or two keywords that best represent the web page's content.

7) Plain text on the page: The fundamental body information is best scanned by search engine crawlers. Avoid using too much Flash and Java - search engines are considerably better at indexing Flash and Java content - but make sure to include the information search engines demand.

8) Images can include Alt tags that are indexed for relevance and can be utilized to reinforce your keywords while also generating traffic from image searches.

9) Images are indexed independently from your site can produce traffic if the file name is indicative of the image's content. The greatest way to improve your image for image search is to utilize images that are titled after keywords.

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