Quests gave a bonus of following the entire Runescape story

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Quests gave a bonus of following the entire Runescape story. There were approximately 12 in Free To RuneScape gold Play and another 300 or so in Staff. If you were stuck, then you would search up a guide on the internet on websites like Sal's Realm or YouTube or you'd simply ask another player to provide you assistance. People were willing to help back and that is why Runescape's community was so lively and majestic.

The interesting places and characters you'd meet during quests fascinated you and drew you towards the fantasy-side of Runescape. You then thought knights and wizards were f**king amazing when spoken around with friends and all you ever spoke about was Runescape. Occasionally it took you months to complete quests but they always opened you up to new areas and opportunities that helped enhance your experience.

Too many memorable and amazing things happened on Runescape I cannot write about them all here. However, while Runescape 3 arrived, you most probably distanced yourself from the game. The brand new add-ons and unnecessary features attracted your attention away from a match you payed the highest respect to for lots of years. It was a miserable time but life moved on. It was like you abandon your kid in an empty house with no one to look after him. Nevertheless, it was for the very best, your time was over with Runescape and it had been for most of the older gamers. Friends you met 6-8 decades ago are now 6-8 years older and are currently more mature than they were back in the first days. Time flew and you did not even realise it.

Being at the moment was what created Runescape an wonderful game and something that will always stay in our hearts. All your friends, classmates and even work colleagues at some point or another had an experience on Runescape. It isn't important just how long they played for, they still appreciated it to their extent.

These days, folks say Runescape is gay and stupid but really, we all played with it and appreciated it at the moment. It's now a dusty box sitting in our sub-conscious mind which can be opened at any moment and if opened, the memories flooding back. You either loved or you loathed Runescape but it impacted an whole decade and production of children in the 2000s. It's really remarkable that a game online can bring as much happiness and joy to a massive group of people. Jagex (earlier they unwittingly ***ed everything up) and The Gower brothers deserve a massive pat on the back for a job well done and for making an everlasting effect on a large part of the planet's population. The last 30 seconds of this Newbie Melody wave goodbye to all those expressive memories and put our childhood into OSRS buy gold a cardboard box in our minds.